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My Own Canvas


Like a blank canvas,

On which I get to write my

Very own story.

That’s why I keep going back

and back,

& back:-).


Place in the World


Slices of Lemon Sky


While there are a few interesting lines in this sunset picture, it is the seeming appearance of lemon slices in the cloud that really caught my eye.  Then again, maybe I am just a ‘sucker’ for all things cumulus?  Ha, ha.  Either way, my hope is that the imagery above has the ability to pucker up a smile on your face, even if it has been a sour kind of day;-).

A cumulus cloud’s,

Sour-like appearance leaves me,

Craving meringue pie.


Spring Awakening in Two Dimensions

Looking outside our front windows this very moment is a bit depressing, I am not going to lie.  Even though it is the middle of April and ‘spring has (supposedly) sprung’, you would never know it here in the Great White North of western Canada as a lovely blanket of snow STILL covers the ground, with drifts as high as half-way up our fence-line.  We are nowhere near where we should be temperature-wise for this time of year and a fresh bit of snow fell again this morning to remind us that Mother Nature is not done with the white stuff yet.  Really?!  Isn’t six months of winter enough?

After spending the last two weeks in Hawaii on holidays, there is a part of us that is grateful that we were away for the bitterly cold records set (close to -30 degrees Celsius) and as such, we feel somewhat unjust in complaining about what is now wherein the thermometer hovers around zero; however, the other part of us is left craving the sights and smells of freshly mown, green grass, the sun and its warmth shining on our faces, and the various songs of birds carrying from newly blossoming tree to tree.

Now to focus on a more positive note, the hours of daylight have stretched out which means that going to and from work is a lot more tolerable.  We also have a great many pictures from our trip to help keep our hopes up that soon enough, we, too, WILL have a spring Awakening and if not, perhaps we will skip straight to summer, which would be just fine with me.  Meanwhile, as a lover of flowers, here is one of the many snapshots that I will hold tight to until we can plant our own colourful delights to admire.  The size and vibrancy of this jellyfish-like flower makes me smile.  For now, I’ll take what I can get even if in it’s only in two dimensions in my i-Phone photo album.


Mama Humpback Whale Smiles… (no joke!)

One of the reasons that my husband and I chose to return to Maui so soon after our trip here last August was because of all of the buzz regarding the sighting of humpback whales in these protected waters from December through early April.  In fact, the lady that helped manage our condo last year mentioned that where we were situated was ideal for whale season, and that right from our lanai, we would be able to whale watch.  Well…say no more, as here we sit and she was EXACTLY right!  Every day during our stay, we have been able to watch the fascinating mammals breach, blow water and tail flip.  Truly an amazing sight in person, much like when we first witnessed the beauty of green sea turtles up close–initially on the Big Island, then here in Maui.

Last Saturday, on our catamaran tour we came across our first pod of whales–a mom, her baby and the male escort.  The mom was putting on quite a show for us, so much so that the naturalist on board commented on how rare of a sighting we were privy to.  A few times, the female humpback was enjoying the back stroke when I happened to snap a picture of her airborne flippers.  Excusing the grainy nature of my cropped picture, I purposely zoomed in on the image so that you can see that on the bottom of her right flipper (a humpback’s fingerprint), there are two black spots and a partial circle that appear to make up a happy face.  Now, if that doesn’t make you want to Smile, I am not sure what will:-)  This mama appears to be one happy whale!


Maui Sunrise


This sunrise picture was taken the other day just outside our condo here in Maui.  The four hour time difference from home wakes us up early enough to take in the first few glimpses of muted pink tones in the sky just above the neighbouring island of Lanai.  Now, add in a freshly brewed cup of Kona java to sip on and some melt-in-your mouth purple taro bread with peanut butter, and I personally cannot think of anything better in the morning to wake up to–other than my husband, who is here to share it all with, that is:-).



More Than Just a Dodge Lancer


2017 Favorites

This 1956 Dodge Lancer is significant not because of its antiquity, rather it is because of the meaning behind it.  After finding a near perfect replica of his very first car (the original being green and dark green), my dad jumped at the chance to purchase this gem of an automobile.  A lover and collector of anything with an engine, running or not, my father finally had an opportunity to showcase a glimpse of his youth at an annual car show this past summer.  The joy on his face as others admired and asked questions about his first love spoke volumes; there was no doubt that he was in his element sharing in his vast knowledge of vehicles (antiques especially) and of memories past.  In that moment, my husband and I were grateful that we had time to take in the brief, but meaningful showing.  It’s not often that we as children get a glimpse into what our parents would have been like as youngsters, but the sparkle in my dad’s eyes that day did just that–a once young fellow with friends, girlfriends, hopes, dreams, spunk, HAIR, and likely, a few innocent antics:-).  A special memory of 2017 without a doubt!

Cliff Jumping

One of the allures in Wai’anapanapa State Park in Maui is the natural beauty of the black sand beaches mixed in with age-old lava rock, whose stories I am sure stretch well beyond the depths of the South Pacific waters.  As it turned out during our brief visit to the park, a group of twenty-something year olds decided to add to the ocean’s vast storybook by Ascending one of the jagged cliffs and free jumping into the sparkling pool of blue below.  While I admired their relentless courage as they ascended, jumped, swam and ascended again and again, I was more than happy to partake as a bystander given that my idea of engaging in ANY body of water is wading in ankle-deep.  Nonetheless, I could certainly appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime, thrill-seeking opportunity and we considered ourselves lucky to capture a few shots of their brave, yet enticing undertaking.


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