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Fresh Corn-y Goodness


While this may not be the best photo composition in town, the perfect, yellow Structure of this subject is worthy of a submission in my opinion.  Picked and enjoyed from our very own garden just the other day, I had to capture the uniformed essence of these pre-cooked kernels of sweet corn; from end to end, round and round, not one single part of the cob was unfilled or unripe–nearly a first for me.  No wonder this much-loved vegetable appeals to kids and adults alike.  Add in a little slathering of butter and salt on top (though I also enjoy it plain), and you have a meal unto itself–just ask my husband, who recalls a few childhood dinners of exactly that.  And, the best part is that there is little prep and no cutlery required, saving on dishes and clean-up:-).  All that is needed once grilled, boiled or microwaved (yes, microwaved) is a firm grip, some solid teeth, a healthy appetite and likely a napkin, and you are Good. To. Go.  Now, is that corny or what?!  Hmmmm!


Sailboat Sunset


Last night, I just managed to capture this sailboat sailing through the path of the sunlight on the South Pacific waters here in Maui.  The sparkling light and the warm tones make my heart smile each and every time that I am fortunate to witness these amazing sunsets!  Aloha and Mahalo:-).

Ooh, Shiny!

A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream?


Last night, my husband ventured out into our back pasture and came out with this beauty of a capture.  I love the rich shades of green in the foreground highlighting the feathery Textures of the grasses contrasted by the golden and deep blue clouds in the sky.  The day’s on-again, off-again rain finally relenting in time for this gorgeous sunset to take hold.  As the cool, humid evening air wore on, Foggy conditions rolled in, blanketing this scene in white, wispy waves–a sight also to be seen, though somewhat reminiscent of a typical autumn’s eve.  Being that it is only the second day of August, however, I will steadfast to my Mid-Summer’s Night Dream and leave all notions of fall for a much, MUCH later date.  Cheers:-).


Freshly Picked Berries:-)


Mouth-watering goodness,

Melting on my tongue,

Energizing my spirit,

Refreshing my soul,

Nourishing my body,

No greater Satisfaction than that:-).

Soon-To-Be Eaten


A Collage of strawberries,

Red, pink, white and green,

All soon-to-be enjoyed:-).

All Wired Up


A bridge to connectivity at its monstrous best

This massive steel structure takes on a life of its own by comparison of the 15-20 foot tall trees which hover slightly above its base.  While not a literal Bridge of sorts, its lattice intricacies remind me of one.  Then again, it also reminds me of an alien-like force to be reckoned with akin to something out of a sci-fi movie.  However, I don’t think good old Will Smith or Tom Cruise would care to blow this one up.  It just might strike back!!!



While this tree isn’t likely to blossom anytime soon, I will gladly keep its view in focus any day.  When out camping a couple of weekends ago, my husband and I scored this picturesque lakefront scene from our stall.  It was truly magnificent to wake up to and bask in all of nature’s wonders right on our very doorstep–the white-etched, diagonal clouds against the blue sky, the lightly rippled water, the tree’s perfect reflection thanks to its imperfect placement.  All I know is that reliving this picture makes me want to go back and savour the beauty of it all over again.  Oh, wait a minute…no need to wish, we will be there again this weekend, as we welcome summer officially;-).



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