Cliff Jumping

One of the allures in Wai’anapanapa State Park in Maui is the natural beauty of the black sand beaches mixed in with age-old lava rock, whose stories I am sure stretch well beyond the depths of the South Pacific waters.  As it turned out during our brief visit to the park, a group of twenty-something year olds decided to add to the ocean’s vast storybook by Ascending one of the jagged cliffs and free jumping into the sparkling pool of blue below.  While I admired their relentless courage as they ascended, jumped, swam and ascended again and again, I was more than happy to partake as a bystander given that my idea of engaging in ANY body of water is wading in ankle-deep.  Nonetheless, I could certainly appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime, thrill-seeking opportunity and we considered ourselves lucky to capture a few shots of their brave, yet enticing undertaking.



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