Spring Awakening in Two Dimensions

Looking outside our front windows this very moment is a bit depressing, I am not going to lie.  Even though it is the middle of April and ‘spring has (supposedly) sprung’, you would never know it here in the Great White North of western Canada as a lovely blanket of snow STILL covers the ground, with drifts as high as half-way up our fence-line.  We are nowhere near where we should be temperature-wise for this time of year and a fresh bit of snow fell again this morning to remind us that Mother Nature is not done with the white stuff yet.  Really?!  Isn’t six months of winter enough?

After spending the last two weeks in Hawaii on holidays, there is a part of us that is grateful that we were away for the bitterly cold records set (close to -30 degrees Celsius) and as such, we feel somewhat unjust in complaining about what is now wherein the thermometer hovers around zero; however, the other part of us is left craving the sights and smells of freshly mown, green grass, the sun and its warmth shining on our faces, and the various songs of birds carrying from newly blossoming tree to tree.

Now to focus on a more positive note, the hours of daylight have stretched out which means that going to and from work is a lot more tolerable.  We also have a great many pictures from our trip to help keep our hopes up that soon enough, we, too, WILL have a spring Awakening and if not, perhaps we will skip straight to summer, which would be just fine with me.  Meanwhile, as a lover of flowers, here is one of the many snapshots that I will hold tight to until we can plant our own colourful delights to admire.  The size and vibrancy of this jellyfish-like flower makes me smile.  For now, I’ll take what I can get even if in it’s only in two dimensions in my i-Phone photo album.



4 thoughts on “Spring Awakening in Two Dimensions

    1. Oh dear! That’s no good either….be careful! Have you ever noticed that when bad weather is predicted, they’re right & when good weather is predicted, they’re wrong.

      Weather guy here said that we’ll have had 7 months with snow as of this Tuesday, when yet another 5cm is expected.😔

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