The Gift of Macaroni

It just occurred to me as I was cooking supper last night that COVID-19 has changed more than a few things about our lives. I mean, there are the obvious things such as masks, sanitizer, social distancing, store/restaurant limits, gathering stipulations, virtual meetings, etc. Then, there are the other things that are a bit more …

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A Messy Kitchen Can Be a Good Thing

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Something unexpected happened yesterday for the first time EVER in my forty-some years... I felt fortunate to have had a messy kitchen. Ladies, hang onto your hats with that declaration, as I'm sure that you are thinking, "What on earth?! is that Sue talking about now? Surely, she must …

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Pineapple Bars

  Since I have absolutely no idea how to share a picture in someone else's comment box (is that even possible?), I am posting this recipe for Irene, courtesy of, in response to a similar recipe that she recently shared on her site. My mom used to make these pineapple-filled cookies when I …

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