The Best and Worst Of…

Alright, let’s play the ‘Best/Worst Food’ game.  Friday is a good day for that, I figure.

An absolute must-have food?  Bananas–I absolutely LOVE them and I HAVE to have one first thing every morning.  If we run out, it’s an automatic trip to the store (even during these COVID times), and any time that we are travelling, one of our first stops involves somewhere where I can pick up a bunch.  “Gotta have me some bananas,” I always say.

photo of peeled banana on yellow plate and background
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

Comfort food?  Carbs, usually a muffin or cookies of the low-fat variety–my excuse for trying to keep it healthy.  I’ve done the whole gluten-free thing and while there are obviously a great selection of things out there, they never quite fit the bill the same as good old processed wheat products.  And, nothing cuts the mustard quite like something freshly baked.  Try passing by a bakery with all kinds of inviting, satiating aromas filling the air–not possible!  Now, pair a bakery item of your choice with coffee and you are in heaven.  Plain and simple.

Strawberry/chocolate chip muffins baked just yesterday.

Favourite snack?  Fruit of pretty much any kind, especially when in season:  seedless watermelon, red grapes (the green ones are often too tart), an assortment of berries (here in Canada, saskatoons are a favourite), and red apples are my common indulgences. As an aside, the minute that I see someone bite into a big, juicy apple, I instantly crave one.  I think it’s the combination of the crunching sound that is made along with that fresh spray of apple juice that seems so refreshing and nourishing. There must be good reason behind the whole, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”.

Saskatoon berries courtesy of

All-time favourite supper meal?  It would have to be the spread of turkey, dressing/stuffing, perogies with sour cream, sour cabbage rolls, a fresh tray bun, and mixed veggie salad with Italian dressing.  Maybe a scoop of mashed potatoes if I were to have room, but the Ukrainian stuff always makes its way to my tummy first.  I bet you are wondering… what about the gravy and cranberries?  Well, yes, a bit of gravy over the turkey and dressing, but no cranberries for me unless they are spread on a turkey sandwich with mayo and leftover dressing.  Yum!

My homemade potato and cheddar perogies.

Best Dessert?  This is a tough one because who can choose only one, right?   Hmm, I guess the best way to think of it is that if I were at a restaurant buffet with a wide spread of dessert items, for example, which would I choose?  Usually a small slice of cheesecake and melons, if available.  But, I think the ultimate dessert would have to be my Mom’s homemade apple pie (isn’t that just so quintessential?) straight from the oven with a small dollop of chocolate ice cream (just trying to throw you off… of course it would be vanilla!) which melts luxuriously over the double-crusted treasure.  I can smell the apples and cinnamon right this very minute.  Great, now I want pie and it’s first thing in the morning, which if I were to indulge in would leave me craving carbs all day long.  I might have to call my mom later. 😉

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my mom’s apple pie and a Google search will not do it justice, so I will just have to leave it to your imagination and taste buds.

Drive-thru choice?  While we don’t go often, my go-to would definitely be a Mama burger with fries and a root beer from none other than the infamous A & W franchise.  My one plug for the day.

Sorry, I lost the source for this picture… 

Food that turns me off?  Raw meat of any kind to be honest, including sushi obviously unless it’s just the veggie kind.  I detest the smell of any raw meat and I really, really hate having to handle it.  Blech!  So, why don’t I just turn vegetarian or vegan?  Well, I do eat some dishes as such, but I also enjoy chicken, fish and beef in small portions; well, once it is cooked, that is.  I do however draw the line at organ meats–they are an absolute no-no for this girl!  I’d have to be on the TV show, “Survivor” or something of the sort before I’d take to eating heart or liver.  That being said, I know that many people view organ meats as a staple or delicacy in their culture and I’m sure that they have certain ways of preparing them that would make them delectable.  Just not for me, sorry.  Although never say never, I guess as is the case with my next entry.

chicken dinner food lunch
Photo by JÉSHOOTS on

A food or a dish that I have come to like to my own surprise:  My husband’s infamous beef stew, as first introduced by his mom.  As a kid growing up, I liked the meals on my plate to be separated by food groups.  The thought of eating something wherein everything was thrown together in one pot made me cringe.  It didn’t seem right.  Much like chicken pot pie.  Why would I want to eat chicken in a pie shell when I could have my mom’s famous apple creation?!  To this day, I am not fond of pot pies, but I REALLY enjoy my husband’s stew recipe.  Who’d have thunk?

My husband’s beef stew

As you can see, food is very telling.  It is a story unto itself, if you really think about it.  So now that you know a little bit more about me through my food choices, which foods would be on your best/worst list?  Maybe you have an absolute must-have, like my bananas or an absolute no-no, like raw meats?  Feel free to share in my comments section.







8 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Of…

    1. Poppy seeds are really good, except they get stuck in my teeth. My mom used to make poppy seed bars spread with cream cheese frosting…. Yum! Would you put butter on it or no?


    1. I take it you like turkey & the works as well?! Can’t beat it in my book. And, then the apple pie for dessert! The ironic part is that my mom actually baked one of her pies yesterday, as I discovered in our phone call. She must have read my mind!

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