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Gray Roots

My Gray Roots are showing through,

Colour-Me-Blonde in a week or two,

My gray roots are showing through,

Doesn’t seem to matter what I do.

My gray roots are showing through,

Wiry hairs causing one BIG hullabaloo!

My gray roots are showing through,

Time to throw an overt coup,

My gray roots are showing through,

“Silver it is, unless I go blue!”  🙂


Two Wrong Feet

I jump out of bed,

It’s time to go!

I surely can’t be late.

I hit the shower,

My breakfast I devour,

Off to work in a rush.

Something seems off,

It’ll have to do,

Finally, I arrive.

I paste on a smile,

Feels like I ran a mile,

I wonder if they’ll notice?

The meeting commences,

They warrant a look,

There’s nothing I can do.

The damage is done,

The laughs have begun,

We’ve all been there before.

Next time, I’ll get it right,

I swear I won’t hit snooze,

Then, maybe I’ll have on…

A matching pair of shoes.



Our Bunny Cat

Our ‘bunny’ cat bathing in the post-Easter sun.  She certainly elicits a few Chuckles from us!  One of the many reasons we love her so:-).

A Work In Progress

Perhaps this post is not so Timely in that this prompt is now two days old, but….well, you know what they say, “Better late….”, which interestingly enough brings me right to the point of my thoughts on the matter of timeliness.

You see, I’ve NEVER been a very timely person.  NEVER.  I don’t think I was an overdue baby per se, but I did come out as a breech, so that could have something to do with my inclination of being ‘fashionably’ late (nice choice of words considering I was a breech, eh?).  I do know, however, that my mom’s doctor, just prior to my birth, told her to, “Hurry up!” as it was noon and he wanted to go for lunch.  Maybe it was at point that I decided to become passive-aggressive with time?!  I mean, many a psychologist will tell you that we do carry forward things from our past, though that would be a little extreme, wouldn’t it?  I would have been too young to remember, but it is noted that babies do learn fast, so who knows?! Read More…

Easter or Christmas All Over Again?

If it weren’t for the fact that I was born and raised in the “True North, strong and free”, I might be Surprised by the weather this Easter weekend.  Notice that I said ‘might’.  While the ‘True North’ and ‘strong’ parts speak true for those of us who live in Canada, it seems that we, in fact, are not exactly ‘free’–from winter, that is!  It appears as though Mother Nature has no regard for the calendar, or the Easter bunny, though he/she will clearly have some easy hiding spots out and about.  Come to think of it, however, the multitude of treats risk not even being found for days (not a lot of fun!) at the rate we are going since the impending snowfall is predicted to last through most of the weekend, ending in accumulations of up to 30 cm of snow.  Now if it were, say….December?!, one could agree that the following sight is rather pretty, BUT it’s April and mid-April at that.  Just saying….



Read More…

A Play On Words

The following play on words is being retold as best as is remembered and is inspired by true events.  All meant in good fun:-).

Real Life Characters:  Emma Mae Lyn, Sue and Mr. Pat

Setting:  The Workplace (always interesting!)

Scene One

Emma Mae Lyn:  (proudly states) “I worked tyraciously on this project!”

Sue: (looking puzzled) “Tyraciously?  You mean, tenaciously.”

Emma Mae Lyn:  (states emphatically) “No!  I mean tyraciously.”

Sue:  (not wanting to hurt her friend’s feelings) “Um, I think the word is ‘tenacious’.”

Emma Mae Lyn:  (sticking to her guns–gotta give her credit as that is the definition of tenacious in and of itself) “Tenacious’?  I don’t think so.  I swear it’s ‘tyracious’.  I’ve never heard of ‘tenacious’.”

Sue:  (relenting and feeling entertained)  “Pretty sure that the word is ‘tenacious’, but what the hey?!  Let’s go with ‘tyracious’.  I have to admit that it does sound better.” Read More…

A Non-Senior, Senior’s Musing

I guess that you could say that I am a bit of an old soul and always have been.  I tend to enjoy doing ‘older’ things…gardening, playing cards, watching TV in my rocker recliner, perusing magazines, looking at recipes, etc.  Heck, I’m even a decade long member of the local Senior Centre, believe it or not.  A ‘non-senior, senior’ member that is; after all, I’m a ways off yet from officially joining the aged 55+ group.  (And for the record, as I strangely feel the need to justify this a tad more, I joined the Centre in part because of their new, barely frequented gym and awesome yoga classes.  Then again, I have been known to attend a few dinners there as well.  Anyway, I am digressing...).  I think my list of senior tendencies may be a result of my having been the youngest and only girl in my family, leaving me to find ways to fill my time and often, that was amongst adults.

Well, today as I was partaking in some of my ‘old soul’ activities of flipping through one of my favourite, easy-to-read somewhat mindless, but enjoyable-for-that-reason magazines, I came across this recipe.  (I did mention that I like looking at recipes, didn’t I?).  In addition to the cupcakes being cute (these bunnies are super cute!)) and sweet, I couldn’t help but notice the title.  Take a look….


Enticing, right?  Right.  I mean, I would certainly make and eat them.   Kids would go crazy for them, that’s for sure.  And, they would be perfect for Easter, of course.  Now, here’s the thing…if you Pause for a second and take a read through the recipe’s ingredients, I wonder if you will notice a bit of irony, as did I.  While I have nothing against sugary treats, I’m not exactly sure that one could tout these as, “Hip-Hop-Healthy”.  ‘Hip-Hop-Hyper’, maybe…but healthy might be a bit of a stretch.  Just to be sure, however, I best test them out.  I mean, I could just be having a ‘senior’ moment:-).  I’ll keep you posted.


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