A Nibble Here and a Nibble There

One of my all-time favourite ‘chick flicks’ is, Thelma and Louise. There’s just something about two grown women making up their minds to go on an adventure despite their personal trials and tribulations that is enticing. It doesn’t hurt that they each uncover some attributes along the way that they didn’t fully realize and in the process, pull off some stunts neither one could have, or would have, EVER anticipated. The movie sheds light on heavy topics such as spousal abuse, rape and murder which makes certain scenes within all the more rejoicing as the two characters learn to exercise their own personal power (not that I am endorsing violent acts or anything of the sort). Most of all, it is a story of friendship through thick and thin; it is heart-breaking, yet heart-warming at the same time. However, I chose to reference the movie because of something much more insignificant that resonates with me—something I was reminded about this very morning as I ‘finished off’ my breakfast with a bite of a white chocolate MacNut Cluster from a local chocolatier. My husband simply shook his head in awe, “I don’t know how you can take a nibble, put it away and make it last for two weeks.” For him, it’s either all or nothing. For me, it’s just what I’ve always done and I cannot help but think of Thelma.

You see, I could easily play Geena Davis’ character in the movie when she is on the phone with Susan Sarandon (Louise) debating about whether or not to go on their weekend getaway. As she weighs aloud the consequences of her decision, she nibbles on a chocolate bar which she repeatedly, even somewhat unconsciously, takes in and out of the freezer while talking. Every time I watch that part, I can picture myself in her dated, haphazard kitchen opening and closing the fridge-freezer door. In fact, that very scene plays out in our household regularly as my husband continually finds evidence of my nibblings with wrappers awry and baggies of partial food items. “Looks like this one already has a bite out of it.” I don’t even try to dispute it because who else would I try to pin it on? Our outdoor farm cat?!

Indeed, I am a self-proclaimed nibbler and I have been my whole life long. Now, I could be wrong here, but I’m guessing that many ladies can identify with noshing on freezer goodies especially; specifically chocolate. We put them in there to help resist temptation, yet thankfully we know where they are stashed so that they are ready for the taking at a moment’s notice. You have to wonder why we bother with the freezer at all really, but it can slow down the urge to overdo it. It’s like the middleman for Chipits and let’s not forget cookies too. (Right, Joy?)

Being calorie aware is something that has been a part of my repertoire from a very early age, not always for the good, but it is what it is. At some point in my early adulthood, thanks to an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, I was reaffirmed by the notion that it’s really only the first few conscious bites of something that we actually taste which have the potential to satisfy us. I don’t remember what episode it was since it would have been one of many in her two and a half decade-long series of weight loss shows. Beyond the initial meeting of food to tongue, we are either stuffing our faces (aka our emotions) or fuelling our bodies. I had been unknowingly living by the ‘first few bites’ theory for years without even realizing that what I was doing was tantalizing my taste buds enough to suppress going right crazy which I sometimes, but not often, did. I’m sure that we have all experienced that sick, heavy feeling after ‘pigging out’ on one thing or another over the years. That unwelcomed bowling ball in the stomach was usually enough to steer me on a different eating path for a good, long while.

Bottom line: I like treats and so does the relatable Thelma. Who doesn’t?! They make everything better. In moderation, they can be that certain something that we look forward to, that gets us through, be it at the beginning or end of the day or if like me, throughout the day even. There’s no point in trying to go without them as I’ve done at various junctures. I only end up feeling deprived and once that happens, it automatically leaves me craving whatever it is all the more. Rather, I think it’s best to go ahead and indulge. Just do it sparingly. A little bit really can go a long way and then there’s no sugar or scale regrets; again, I’m guessing we’ve all had a few of those under their belts, literally and figuratively speaking.

So, the next time you take that first scrumptious bite of freezer chocolate, focus on the creamy taste of caffeine as it melts on your palate and think of me and Ms. Davis, with a nibble here and a nibble there. While you’re at it, may I recommend taking in a timeless film of friendship that ends with a real-life cliffhanger over the iconic Grand Canyon?

P. S. For your nibbling pleasure, I’ve included a clip of Thelma meeting up with J.D., played by Brad Pitt. The best part about eye candy, I mean Brad, is that it is calorie-free! 😉


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