What Now?!

I am sure that we have all had a string of unlucky events which we deem practically impossible until they play out as they do. That has certainly been the case for my husband and I this past week. It’s almost laughable at this point except that we are still in it. At some point …

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Inspector Gadget Needed

Picture this. Canada, 2021. (Any Golden Girls’ fans out there?). A middle-age, blonde-haired lady living rurally in amongst modern technological times. Despite the many advancements around her, everyday household items purported to make life easier seem NOT to work as they should. Let me share some of her examples since she’s sure there are other …

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There’s Just Something About February

The Christmas season comes and goes and then there’s January. The month which everyone agrees lasts forever. In fact, the trek to thirty-one days has an uncanny ability to make time stand still somewhere in between, even appearing to go backward at certain moments. Just when you think you’re nearing its end, it’s as though …

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