Super Sweet Saturday

That’s right… this is my final instalment, part three, of my earlier posts on purchases which I’ve been really pleased with that I had wanted to share with you.  So without further ado, let’s get straight to number eleven on my list:

Back washer (2)

11)  Back/Body Washer (found at none other than the aptly named, Bed, Bath and Beyond):  This clean yourself gem has proven to be very ‘hand’y as per its profile.  It’s curved just right for washing your own back as well as your legs. You can also use it to apply lotions.  I wish I’d found this when I lived by myself, especially for putting sunscreen on my upper back. At the time, I had tried all sorts of sprays and such purportedly angled to hit those difficult-to-reach spots, but none of them worked super effectively.  Admittedly, I’ve only used this body washer for lotioning purposes once or twice, however I think that it would do the trick.  In the case of sunscreen, I would still supplement by using a spray since it is hard to know for sure if you have covered every surface possible.  I don’t want anyone getting sunburnt on my account.  Of course, covering up is always best when out in the sun, but you already know that.  And, let’s face it… water and beach activities don’t necessarily lend themselves well to sporting cover-ups.

While I don’t remember how much this bath item costs exactly, I do know that it was very affordable. I think it came in around the $10-$15 mark, maybe a bit much for what it is, but its daily usefulness is worth it.


12)  Hamilton Beach’s Personal Blender (found at Walmart):  I have bought a few of these now.  They make great gifts for others and I finally decided to treat myself to one for making smoothies.  It works great and it only cost me $14 on sale, $19 regular price.  That’s a pretty affordable kitchen gadget in my opinion.  That being said, you also get what you pay for, so don’t expect to be serving up tons of margaritas at once with this little machine…. I know, sorry.  It is a single-serve blender for a reason and in my experience, it doesn’t handle copious amounts of frozen ingredients or ice all that well even though it has “ice-crushing power”.  To help this little fella blend more smoothly, I always thaw my fruit a bit first.  It’s also important to add enough liquid for “smooth results”.  To be honest, I don’t even bother with ice since I usually don’t finish my smoothie all in one go-round, and I don’t want a watered down taste when I go back for seconds.

For what I paid, I’m super happy with this purchase and I love that it is so lightweight and portable.  The cup and lid are also dishwasher friendly which was a huge selling feature for me.  Downside?  I find the lid difficult to remove.  That being said, I guess I should be happy that the lid stays on as well as it does.  No accidental spillage that way.  Speaking of the lid, I also really like the slot for drinking out of–there is a tab which easily slides open and closed and it is just the right size for sipping, not too big, not too small for this Mama Bear (had to throw in the Goldilocks reference).  I highly recommend this one if you are a smoothie or blended drink fan–my nephew uses the one I bought him for blue-raspberry slushes.  His and my favourite flavour!


13)  KitchenAid Bread Knife (ordered from Amazon):  My husband and I found this wonderful knife in amongst the set of knives in our condo rental in Maui a couple of years ago.  We couldn’t get over how easily it cut our purple taro bread (yum, by the way) without squishing or tearing it to pieces. So, once we returned home, my husband hunted down the brand & type of knife on Amazon, who had it available for purchase as a separate entity.  Warning:  these specialty knives can run really high in price, so wait for a good deal like we got.  Thanks to my husband’s diligence on Amazon, he finally found it on sale.  Strike when the iron is hot, right?!  And we did!  Priced at just $13, we ‘sliced’ into the bargain right away and we haven’t looked back since.

We use the strategically serrated wonder all the time here at home and we are just as dazzled with it as we were in Hawaii; apparently, it wasn’t just the sea salt air that made it cut so easily.  If you enjoy fresh bread or bread making, which seems to be very popular during these COVID19 times, this knife is a must-have.  It cuts just like butter, as the saying goes.  Is that the saying?  If not, it is now.  😉

Ipad keyboard

14) Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard for the iPad (bought at Best Buy):  I LOVE THIS!  When I don’t feel like sitting at our computer desk, this convenient keyboard with its foldable, stand-up case is my best friend.  (Great for us bloggers out there especially.)  I can sit anywhere with my iPad in my lap and type away, just as I did in the mountains recently.  It works great on the airplane too.  The best part about this version (I owned the older one too for our first iPad) is that the keyboard does not require charging.  It has a 4-year battery life and uses low energy Bluetooth technology.  The only thing I don’t like as much about it compared to the other one that I had is that I find that the keys are spaced a little too close together for my liking; if anything, their slimmer, lower profile contributes to the difficulty in differentiating between keys.  Just the same, I’ll take it.  It is way better than using the touch screen wherein I make a LOT of typos leading to some really interesting self-corrects, as you might well have experienced on your own devices.  “Just turn off the auto-correct,” I get told, but that is also disastrous in that my smaller hands don’t span the screen very well and I end up with multiple letter errors.  The Logitech keyboard avoids all of that.  There’s no one or nothing to blame for your mistakes except for you.  Not to worry though when you realize how life-changing this multi-functional case really is.  It wasn’t cheap, around $100, but given how often I use it, I’ve yielded what I consider to be an awesome return for the money I’ve shelled out.

15)  Lap Thingy (no idea what this item is officially called–bought at Chapters/Indigo):  In pre-COVID days, I used to love perusing my favourite book and so-much-more store.  While heading toward the till one time (good marketing always places interesting things in our peripheral vision next to the cash registers), I saw this really neat lap table(?) and thought, hmmm, that looks handy and you know what?!  It is super duper handy.  Another one of those unexpected finds that has made life easier.  Just as with the other items on my list, I am so pleased with this last-minute grab which has been used for eating at and housing my iPad and its keyboard.  In fact, everything that I have placed on it sits up at a much more comfortable height for ease of use.  As you might be able to see from my picture, the underside of it is really soft and it’s filled with a bean-bag like substance enabling it to rest quite evenly on your lap; hence, no real worries about tipping it over unless you are really rambunctious when sitting.  If you have a tendency to be restless, then maybe you best do some laps before placing this in your lap. 😉

As a side note, I tend not to use the cupholder for drinks since I am clumsy, but I do love the little ledge that is built into the top of it which prevents things from sliding too close to your body.  At first, I will admit that this lap holder seemed like a bit of an ‘old’ person purchase in remembering back to my childhood days of watching my older relatives eating at tray tables.  I guess I am now in the same class as my older relatives once were.  That’s okay… I am all about practicality now and image less-so.  There are some good things about getting older.

I’m going to sneak in one last item even though it seems to weird to end on number sixteen versus the nicely rounded fifteen.  Now that your back is nice and clean, you’ve got a smoothie in hand, your bread knife is at the ready for your freshly baked loaf and you are sitting comfortably with your lap thingy & Logitech keyboard at hand, I might as well add in a treat that you are sure to enjoy as much as I do.

So Delicious Sandwiches (2)

16)  So Delicious Coconut Sandwiches (found at most grocery stores):  Being lactose-intolerant, I’m always looking for dessert treats that I can enjoy along with everyone else.  You’d be surprised at how many things contain lactose which can make meal and treat choices seem super limited and quite frankly, not so fun.  Thankfully, more and more dairy-free options are coming onto the market even though it’s been a VERY slow progression compared to the gluten-free craze.  Since I am not a fan of soy, almond and coconut products have filled in the gap for me.  Some are mediocre and will satisfy a craving if desperate, but these So Delicious sandwiches are a definite hit!  I’ve had the chocolate-covered coconut bars made by the same company and they were good, but the sandwiches are where it’s at Baby!  At only 100 calories and 4 grams of fat, I believe, they are a treat sure to please your taste buds.  Often, I only eat half making it into two very calorie-friendly servings.  Sorry, I don’t have the box anymore to look up the grams of sugar, however since they are intended as a treat, I’m guessing you’ll go easy on them as do I.

Bonus:  If you are a reflux sufferer like me, I find that there is such little cocoa used in the chocolaty part that I can safely get away with the half-serving at a time without issue.  So, if you detest the throes of heartburn, acid and pain post-indulgence, give these creamy coconut sandwiches a try and you might well be able to have a little something something at the end of your meal after all.

Well… there you have it folks!  Some super good finds (no kickbacks, but happy to accept them) from Sue which I hope you have found helpful in one way or another.  If there are any things that you would add to the list if it were you, feel free to let the rest of us know in my comments section.  I am pretty sure that we are all up for some great buys with the potential to make coronavirus life just a little bit better.  Cheers!  🙂




4 thoughts on “Super Sweet Saturday

  1. Those ice cream sandwiches look yummy!

    I have a Ninja blender like that and it is so helpful, from smoothies, to hummus, to soups, it’s my most used kitchen gadget because it is fast, easy, and less to clean and less bulky compared to a traditional blender.

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