Tissues Anyone?

The other day I blogged about various multi-packs of items and Irene at My Slice of Mexico commented about tissue boxes and it got me thinking about the white squares a little more thoroughly. I never quite realized before how important of a role they play in our lives and not just from a practical standpoint, but also from a decorative one. Yes, decorative.

Like many other women, and perhaps some men, my Kleenex journey begins at the store. If you stop and think about it, there are so many decisions to make prior to putting any of the boxes in your cart or basket: Which brand? No Name, maybe? How many ply? How many tissues per box? Scented or unscented? With lotion or without? Made from recycled paper or not? On sale? Once you get past all of those decisions, it’s time to hunker down and think about the actual boxes themselves which is where the decorative part comes into play.

What some people may not fully understand is that the outside of the tissue boxes are almost as crucial as what’s inside of them—well, for those of us who consider ourselves Kleenex aficionados anyway. If you are still reading this post, you must have somewhat of a vested interest or else you wouldn’t have made it this far, so I’m guessing that you know what I am talking about. You see, the manufacturers of these handy, dandy little paper products seem to know that outside box appeal is a thing; the better the patterns that they offer, the more likely it is that we, as consumers, will choose their particular package over another. This is certainly true of me as a customer knowing full well that there have been times wherein I have switched allegiances in brand name because of the pretty patterns offered by another company. I can also tell you unequivocally that my husband cares not one bit about what is on the outside of the box or why I spend so much time contemplating which packages are the most attractive. “It’s just Kleenex.” Oh dear, if only he knew how complicated the choices really can be.

After all, we tissue lovers know that there are certain rules about where the colourful boxes go after they make their way into our homes. Common spaces where company might find themselves (COVID times excluded), such as the living room, guest bathroom/bedroom, foyer, and possibly the kitchen all need to have the best-looking boxes from the package. Better yet, wherever possible, themes and colours of the tissue packs should match or at least compliment the room, so that they don’t de-value all of your other decorative touches. Any oddball designs, and there’s always a couple as stated in my previous post about multi-packs, need to be reserved for unseen nooks and crannies, such as the master bath/bedroom, mudroom, garage, den and maybe the basement if you have one and don’t use it for entertaining. If desperate and/or you run out of ‘good’ boxes, consider saving your favourites so that you can simply re-stock them with new tissues. I certainly use this little trick with the purse-sized packets. No-name, on-the-run refills adorn the inside of the fancy pouches that I’ve saved, so even my handbag is carefully coordinated with my nose ‘napkins’.

Speaking of which, aside from their obvious aesthetic appeal, the numerous uses for Kleenex go far beyond simply wiping our noses, pandemic or no pandemic. Indeed, your careful time and consideration choosing tissues will have many pay-offs since you can:

  • Layer them between fragile objects
  • Use them for make-up removal
  • Add to undergarments for a ‘fuller’ appearance 😉
  • Wipe up small spills
  • Use them to open door handles, faucets, hold onto gas nozzles or shopping cart handles, etc. (very COVID-19 friendly 😃)
  • Roll them up tightly to stuff them in hard-to-reach containers for cleaning (good for travel size bottles with small openings)
  • Substitute them for toilet paper if in a pinch and chances are, you ladies have been there before, in public washrooms especially
  • Substitute them for ladies’ feminine hygiene products in an emergency
  • Lay your face mask on while drinking, eating or driving (again, a coronavirus plus +)
  • Wrap around a cold/hot drink to protect your hands
  • Pick up pet droppings if you don’t have a bag on hand
  • Dip them in water and dab them on clothing to ward off potential staining
  • Tuck them up your sleeve for frequent use during a cold or flu
  • Stuff them in your brand new shoes to prevent rubbing or blistering

While tissues may just look like innocent little white squares which ultimately get tossed away, I guarantee that you will never look at them quite the same. Life would be a lot different without them that’s for sure. So, the next time you head out to the store to stock up on paper goods, don’t forget to make your selections wisely. And if you didn’t already know it, others will take notice of the pretty, little boxes in your home—well, whenever it is that they will be able to visit again, anyway. Meanwhile, for a lockdown pick-me-up, I suggest loading up on the various winter/Christmasy scenes which beautify the packages at this time of year and feel free to put them in EVERY room in your house—go all out! Why not?! Just don’t forget to take the contents of the boxes out of your pockets prior to washing your clothing items or you will be sorry.


4 thoughts on “Tissues Anyone?

  1. Ha! That last line of your post….. I tell my husband ALWAYS–‘check your pockets’ before he throws anything into the laundry basket. And then I double-check…just to be safe. The few times we have both missed it–oh, the mess of a Kleenex in a load of dark clothes! Ugh!!!
    And yes, I will pay more to have my Kleenex boxes match the bathrooms. If the wrong color is in the multi-pack, it does not make it into my shopping cart. Men do not get it.

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  2. Been there; done that — to all of the above. 🙂
    What will we do if some meddler starts to count how many trees are used to make tissues & boxes — and how much smog is created by pulp mills — then says we must go back to environmentally friendly washable cloth hankies?
    (Hats off and many thanks to those hardy folks living in paper mill towns. Been through; smelled it.)

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    1. Hankies?! Oh no! My dad uses one faithfully, and always has, but I prefer a fresh tissue from the box.

      Unfortunately, I’ve used more paper than ever before during this pandemic.

      Take care, Christine.

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