Super Sweet Thursday

This is the much-anticipated part two to my post a few days ago wherein I was super excited to share of my successful purchases with you in the hopes that some of them might work for you too.  I didn’t want to leave you hanging for too long in case you were just dying to know which other things were on my list of must-haves.  😉  Just to reiterate, I am not getting paid off by any of the companies to advertise their products, though I would happily accept freebies and/or some type of discount should some insiders happen to see this blogpost.  He! He!  I am my father’s daughter after all, so how can I not put in some kind of plea for a deal if I can score one.  See Dad, I have been listening…

I decided to group some like things together for this part of my list (there will be a part three, even four perhaps) which consists of lotions and potions that I use for ailments, stress, aging and the like.  Before we get started, however, I better add in the caveat that I am NOT a medical professional of any kind whatsoever, so please consult your doctor before using any of the following products to avoid any type of adverse interaction or reaction.  Herein, I’m imagining a trip to the doctor or hospital with someone saying, “But Jibberjabber with Sue said it was good to use!”.  No, no and no!  No unnecessary emergency visits, please and thank you.  I’m just a small-time blog operator here, okay-dokey?!  Now that that important disclaimer has been added to this post, let’s get rolling:

(Remember that numbers one through five can be found in my previous blogpost entitled, Super Sweet Sunday. ).

Yup, it is what you think it is.

6)  Restoralax (a.k.a. Miralax in the U.S. & found in most drug stores):  I might as well get the embarrassing one out of the way first, but Restoralax made this list because it really, really works for ‘gentle relief’ without any bad taste or side effects, generally-speaking.  I find it completely tasteless and highly effective.

Back in the day, some women I knew of (not naming names) used to use Metamucil to help with irregularity which some of you may unfortunately be familiar with.  As a kid, I think I actually used it once or twice and its gritty, tangy taste was a tad hard to swallow. It also sometimes lead to stomach cramping.  Same results for me with Senokot, Ex-Lax, and Dulcolax, as I got older and tried to find different solutions for relief.  Fast forward to a couple of years ago when my doctor suggested a newer product getting rave reviews from many a patient.  I see why.  Honestly, if ‘going to the bathroom’ is a problem for you, this bottle of magic powder seriously does the trick.  No need or desire to elaborate on this one any further.

PLEASE consult a doctor before use.

Hagina Mint Oil
Minty goodness for sore muscles.

7)  Hagina Japanese Mint Oil (sold at many spas, massage places, chiropractor offices, etc.):  My massage therapist first introduced me to this oil years ago.  Not only does it smell great if you like mint, but it works to ease stress, muscle aches and tightness.  It is best used with a carrier lotion or oil of some kind.  I personally add a couple of drops of the mint oil to my Curel lotion and then I am able to apply more liberally.  In my experience, the mint helps to ease headaches too.  I probably have three or four bottles of it around because I keep one everywhere–my night stand, my purse, my travel kit, the bathroom, you name it.  Don’t go too crazy with it though, as it does have a cooling effect and can almost feel stinging if applied in too heavy of a dose.  I apply it sometimes two or three times a day depending on what’s ailing me and how bad things are.  If appropriate, adding a heat pack to the affected area after applying this Hagina product can further help to ease aches and pains.  I often suffer from nighttime leg aches due to weather changes in particular, and this oil does help to reduce the achiness.

PLEASE consult a doctor before use.

Best green gel pain relief ever!

8)  Orthogel (can be ordered directly from the Orthogel website or is often available at many chiropractor offices):  Introduced to me by my chiropractor for the first time last year, this green gel is a God-send for instant relief from all kinds of aches and pains, though I personally have found that it worsens my headaches.  I use it mostly on my shoulder traps, which get really tight from my TMJ, and I also apply it most mornings to my lower back which has always bothered me.  As soon as I apply a pump of it to the affected area, I automatically feel better.  No word of a lie.  I asked my chiropractor if it would be appropriate for arthritic pain as well and he said yes.  I wish that I had come across this product sooner when I think back to all of the times that I suffered through things because I didn’t want to take pain meds unnecessarily.  Surprisingly, the bright green gel containing aloe does not stain clothing as I thought it might which is good to know.  Green streaks of some sort might bring about cause for concern from others around you and no one wants that, now do they?!  I get enough strange looks as it is, I need not encourage more.

PLEASE consult a doctor before use.

Thieves has stolen my heart & staved off a few colds.  

9)  Young Living Oils, Thieves (can be ordered through their website):  This little gem of a bottle is one of my all-time favourites and must-haves, which I also own multiple bottles of since wherever I go, it goes.  If you were to ask me what it does specifically without looking it up (I did read about the line when I first purchased a starter kit of the oils years ago), I would have to be honest and say that I am not exactly sure, but I swear that it is good for me and my immune system.  Wait…let’s try that again.  Okay, so I did look it up its benefits quickly here since it would be atrocious advertising on my part to say, “Hey fellow bloggers/readers, you should buy this, but I don’t know what it does.”   Honestly, Sue!  Anyway, the Thieves blend specifically is helpful in fighting colds and coughs; hence my theory about it helping my immune system.  It also helps to neutralize strong odours, perhaps good for husbands and wives with excessive wind issues–not that I personally know of anyone like that.  😉

For those of you who aren’t aware of Young Living’s line of essential oils, they have all kind of blends and original essences purported to help with a multitude of things.  I have used many of them and like them all, but Thieves is the one that I always re-order long before I run out, so that I don’t run out.  The other oils aren’t as important to me plain and simple, and since they are all a bit on the costly side (again use carrier oils/lotions to maximize use), you may have to pick and choose which ones you like best and will use the most.  I would encourage you to do some research on their website first to see if any of them will fit your personal needs/wants before ordering up a bunch, but *I* wanted you to know about Thieves for sure.  Bonus:  If you like the smell of cinnamon and cloves which are part of the blend, you will really love its somewhat strong, but inviting fragrance.  There are all kinds of ways to use the oil, but I choose to apply it to each side of my neck nightly before bed–a routine that began when I first used it to quell a really bad cold/sore throat that I had contracted shortly after purchasing it.  See, I did finally remember on my own what it is used for, it just took me awhile to get there as it does with many things now that I am middle-aged.

PLEASE consult a doctor before use.

Sunscreen and Vichy (2)
Sunscreen and aging cream–two must-have’s. 

10)  La Roche-Posay Face and Body Sunscreen & Vichy Neovadiol Phytosculpt (both available at most drug stores/cosmetics counters):  Let me start by saying that I have super sensitive skin and I have a lot of difficulty finding skin and make-up products that don’t cause a reaction or flare-up of some sort or another.  Neither one of these products bother me and both do exactly what they say; well, the second one cannot erase time, but it appears to help lessen its unforgiving effects.  I only began using each this year after a personal recommendation for the sunscreen and a TV recommendation (yes, from the Marilyn Denis Show again) for the Vichy contour cream.

After reluctantly applying both, scared that I might have a reaction, I must say that I am pleased with the results that I’ve had from each.  The sunscreen is light, non-greasy and spreads easily with no redness/acne, and the Phytosculpt seems to have produced a slightly noticeable reduction in my sagging chin and neck skin–a lovely and unwelcomed by-product of aging.  Both of my finds are on the expensive side of things as one might expect given that they can be found in the cosmetics’ aisles.  Normally, I would shy away from spending that kind of money on any kind of lotion or potion, but the sunscreen is a must for my fair skin (everything else irritates my skin) and the neck/face cream is admittedly a want, but one of the few beauty products that I have.  Of course, my husband wisely disagrees with my need for the Vichy tube, “You don’t have any sagging skin, do you?”.  Have I mentioned how much I love him?!  Even though, he doesn’t see the need for the Neovadiol, I do and I like the results that I’ve seen over the past two weeks of nightly use.  Luckily, I think both drugstore purchases will last me through the summer, probably even well into the fall, so even though they are on the costly side of things, I feel that they are each worth it in their own right.  At my age, you have to reduce the chance for age spots and UV exposure, and this sagging skin business has no business being in the middle of my business as far as I’m concerned.

PLEASE consult a doctor before use.

As mentioned in part one, please let me know if any of these mentions end up working for you or someone you know.  In return, if there is something that you really like or use that you feel is worth sharing, feel free to comment.

Part three of my “Super Sweet….” series will be coming soon!  No more lotions and potions with disclaimers, as it’ll be onto some other good finds.  So, stay tuned.

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