Maui Sunrise


This sunrise picture was taken the other day just outside our condo here in Maui.  The four hour time difference from home wakes us up early enough to take in the first few glimpses of muted pink tones in the sky just above the neighbouring island of Lanai.  Now, add in a freshly brewed cup of Kona java to sip on and some melt-in-your mouth purple taro bread with peanut butter, and I personally cannot think of anything better in the morning to wake up to–other than my husband, who is here to share it all with, that is:-).




4 thoughts on “Maui Sunrise

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    1. Hi Loisajay! Good to hear from you. Yes, all is well….thanks! The same for you, I hope. Certainly enjoying our time here in Maui given that it is still cold & snowy back home. A taste of summer before summer:-). Anything new?

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