Slices of Lemon Sky


While there are a few interesting lines in this sunset picture, it is the seeming appearance of lemon slices in the cloud that really caught my eye.  Then again, maybe I am just a ‘sucker’ for all things cumulus?  Ha, ha.  Either way, my hope is that the imagery above has the ability to pucker up a smile on your face, even if it has been a sour kind of day;-).

A cumulus cloud’s,

Sour-like appearance leaves me,

Craving meringue pie.



7 thoughts on “Slices of Lemon Sky

    1. It’s only more recently that I’ve come to love lemon stuff, sometimes even more than chocolate. Now, that’s saying a lot!!! Thanks for visiting, Rae!


  1. Bruce Atchison

    Interesting photo. Is it yours? I once saw a cloud in the shape of a hamburger but it changed by the time I got my camera from the house. Was it a sign from heaven? 🙂


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