More Than Just a Dodge Lancer


2017 Favorites

This 1956 Dodge Lancer is significant not because of its antiquity, rather it is because of the meaning behind it.  After finding a near perfect replica of his very first car (the original being green and dark green), my dad jumped at the chance to purchase this gem of an automobile.  A lover and collector of anything with an engine, running or not, my father finally had an opportunity to showcase a glimpse of his youth at an annual car show this past summer.  The joy on his face as others admired and asked questions about his first love spoke volumes; there was no doubt that he was in his element sharing in his vast knowledge of vehicles (antiques especially) and of memories past.  In that moment, my husband and I were grateful that we had time to take in the brief, but meaningful showing.  It’s not often that we as children get a glimpse into what our parents would have been like as youngsters, but the sparkle in my dad’s eyes that day did just that–a once young fellow with friends, girlfriends, hopes, dreams, spunk, HAIR, and likely, a few innocent antics:-).  A special memory of 2017 without a doubt!


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