Tea for Two?

As Maria and Caterina passed by David’s house, another comfortable silence fell over the two childhood friends and the grey Volkswagen.  Seeing the blue house and white picket fence brought back so many wonderful memories, mostly of times that were so much more simple and innocent.  Maria now understood why her mom cautioned that life becomes a whole lot more complicated the older you get.

When they arrived at Cat’s house, Maria smiled at its familiar charm.  Although it was one of the smaller two story houses in the area, it had Caterina’s touch written all over it–both inside and out.  Maria reached for one suitcase while Cat eagerly grabbed the other.  As they made their way up the walk, Maria suddenly felt flushed.  Too much change, anxiety and excitement rolled into one, maybe?

After getting settled in the spare room and having a short rest, Caterina suggested some tea to go along with the fresh muffins that she had baked. Maria found herself absent-mindedly looking around for her pink-laced apron as she took a bite.  Banana.  That had been the girls’ favourite.  Her stomach dropped leaving Cat to ask, “Are you okay?!”.

“I…,” but before Maria could finish her sentence, the phone interrupted her.  Maria’s heart raced as her mind went right back to the day of Rosie and Lilly’s accident.  My babies!!!  Feeling dizzy and unsteady, Maria did everything she could to hold onto her chair and stay upright.

“She is here, but…,” she heard Cat explain, “Right.  I’ll tell her that you called, David.  Ciao then.”.  So he did know that she was back in town.  Caterina looked over at her compassionately.  He obviously wanted to talk, but it was just too soon.  Yes, David would just have to wait.  Maria excused herself.

The above instalment is number 9 of my Short Story Series. Although each story part is a continuation of the last, I have designed each storyline so that they can also be read separately. I’ve purposely kept them short for quick, easy reading in response to a writing initiative that I was presented with awhile back.

Parts 1-8 can be found here:
Part 1: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2019/04/13/marias-story/
Part 2: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2019/04/14/joes-story/
Part 3: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2019/04/20/rosie-and-lillys-story/
Part 4: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2020/04/18/my-dearest-husband-joe/
Part 5: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2020/05/06/the-airport
Part 6: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2020/05/12/the-little-white-house/

Part 7: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/the-familiar-winding-road/

Part 8: https://wordpresscom34070.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/expect-the-unexpected/


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