The Twist

Maria found herself in the brightly lit bathroom feeling rather sick and… embarrassed. Luckily, she knew that Caterina would understand and she didn’t have to worry about being such a needy houseguest within a few mere hours of her arrival. As she slumped next to the toilet with her dark, curly hair cascading over her face, a million and one thoughts raced through her mind. Again. Make it stop, she scolded herself. What if it had been a mistake to come back to her childhood neighbourhood so soon?! David had been her first love, but Joe was now her husband—well, soon-to-be ex. It was all so confusing! Why couldn’t she just have her cozy little life back—the one with Rosie and Lilly. Her whole body ached and ached to have her precious twins back. Then, Cat’s familiar voice rang out. “Maria, can I get you a glass of water or something?”

Maria nodded from the other side of the closed door. Cat intuitively turned back down the stairs toward the kitchen. Grabbing for one of the turquoise towels from the stand, Maria slowly stood up. After soaking the plush threads in cold water, she wiped down her mouth, neck and the rest of her face. A moment of a reprieve. Understandably, she had been feeling off for awhile now, but this kind of ‘sickness’ seemed different, yet… oddly familiar. But how so?

“Oh my God!” Maria announced to the echoey space. “It can’t be. It just can’t….”. Immediately, she felt a pang of angst followed by excitement, then shock as she examined herself in the mirror. Bolting down the steep, wooden stairs, Maria landed in the kitchen and eyed up Caterina’s keys on the counter. “Can I ta-take the car?” she stuttered.

“Are you sure that you’re okay to drive?” Cat half-questioned already knowing the answer that she would receive.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I ju-just need some fresh air,” Maria tried to convince herself. Of course, Caterina could see right through her.

The above instalment is number 11 of my Short Story Series. Although each story part is a continuation of the last, I have designed each storyline so that they can also be read separately. I’ve purposely kept them short for quick, easy reading in response to a writing initiative that I was presented with awhile back. Previous instalments can be found under the category, “Short Stories” on the right-hand sidebar of my blog.

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