Rosie and Lilly’s Story



Rosie started pedalling first and Lilly soon caught up.  Their silver-tasseled handlebars twinkled in the sunlight, as they gained speed down the tree-lined lane.  The pair were off to their best friend’s house, one block over.  It was Jeannie’s tenth birthday party.  They had been looking forward to it all week.  It was going to be a fun day!

Soon, the Twins would also turn ten.  Thinking back to their third birthday, Rosie smiled as she rolled along, brown, curly hair bouncing in sync.  Though they were young, Rosie remembered the big, red bow tied around the pair of little rocking horses, as they both jumped up and down for joy at the discovery.  Oh, how much fun they had on those things!  No wonder their mother couldn’t part with them, and though they had long outgrown them, they remained a beloved centrepiece in the family living room.

Stopping at the corner of 7th and Main, Rosie side-hopped off of her bike while Lilly swung around the other side.  Lilly’s dark eyes were lit up with excitement.  As they watched for traffic, Lilly stepped off of the curb first, bike in tow.  Reaching down to tuck in her stray shoelace, she suddenly heard her twin sister scream, “MOOOVE!  CARRRRRRRR!!!”  Frozen in her tracks, Lilly looked up to see Rosie bolting straight toward her, but her earth-shattering, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” was drowned out by the ensuing sound of AWFUL, DEAFENING screeches…

Maria glanced up at the clock as she put the trays in the oven– the girls’ favourite banana muffins were sure to be a post-party surprise.  Maria set her pink apron down on the corner of the counter and plugged in the tea kettle.  After wiping up the floury mess, she waited for the familiar whistle in her chair.  Noticing the car that pulled up out front, Maria parted the shears, and watched a tall, serious-looking man approach the house.  Getting up to undo the bottom lock, Maria assumed it was just another salesman when she saw something hanging down from his clutched hand.  As he drew closer to the steps, his flushed face reflected sheer panic and her heart immediately sank as she spotted the remnants of…silver tassels?!?  In that moment, everything in her world, their world, began spinning out of control as her limp body hit the ground and everything went PITCH, PITCH BLACK, followed by a blanket of utter emptiness…

Part One:

Part Two:



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