Maria’s Story

imageThere was no turning back now and Maria knew it.  She stood frozen at the old tattered door and took one final, grimacing look around–her pink-laced apron, the brown pair of rocking horses, the genie-like lamp.  Oh, how she wished one would come to life and grant her a final wish.  Then, she wouldn’t have to leave behind a lifetime of memories, but there was no such luck now that everyone’s lives had been forever changed.  Someday, he might forgive her…

Before she could change her mind, Maria bolted for the white sedan as it pulled up to the aging house.  Throwing her suitcases onto the back seat, she quickly wiped away her tears.  “Where to?”, the slight-figured driver asked.

“The airport, please”, she blurted out hardly believing her own words.  Although, since the Twins’ death, nothing seemed believable anymore.  Hopefully, Joe would find her letter…



18 thoughts on “Maria’s Story

    1. Thanks, Ed! I was looking to publish this one on what they call the ‘Coffee Sleeve’ project wherein they literally put very short stories on coffee sleeves for patrons to enjoy while sipping, but it didn’t work out, so I thought I might as well share it on my site. See you tomorrow!


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