Cowlicks Anyone?

crazy hair 3 (2)
My crazy, post pony-tail set of cowlicks at their finest.

“Aw, don’t worry about it… when you are older, you will grow out of it.”

That was what my hairdresser said to me about the strong cowlicks that lie within my bangs when I was in grade school.  Like, what was she thinking?!  Maybe forty years ago, stylists didn’t know any better.  The truth is that my infamous set of cowlicks, along with my widow’s peak and its ever-growing fine hairs, in the front of my head are more out of control than ever before.  As you can see, it drives me a little crazy at times and within a few minutes of styling it, I usually take to bobby pinning it which admittedly isn’t the best look in town, but I CANNOT stand when my hair flops around in my face.  I like to be able to see who I am with and what I am doing and have people be able to see me in return.  Not a big ask, I figure, but when your locks have a mind of their own, it apparently is a very tall order.  I think a wide selection of hats are in my very near future.

As an aside, I want you to know that the above picture of me is not something that I would normally take to sharing so widely, but I don’t mind taking the chance if it elicits a smile or even a chuckle or two.  Besides, I’m thinking that some of you may be able to relate since hair salons are presently closed and many folks have taken to some really funky, overgrown looks as per the numerous viral video clips/photos out and about. I might as well do my part and add to the collection.  🙂

The other day when I was out shopping, I think I resembled the pose of a classic Hollywood actress (help me remember who, please?!) wherein I had the back of my gloved hand, always COVID conscious, glued to my forehead in attempt to keep my hair in its place; of course, I was not nearly as graceful as her by any means.  Two things went wrong that day:  I forgot to bring a back-up bobby pin with me (BIG mistake!), and I also tried parting my hair to my favourite side which is clearly not my cowlicks’ favoured way.  I know better too. Other shoppers probably thought that I was about to faint or something.  I definitely got some strange looks, but like everyone else there, I didn’t really care–I just wanted to get in and out of the store.

On several occasions, I have joked with my husband that some day when we are old and in a senior’s home together, the surefire way in which he will recognize me is via my signature widow’s peak and that darned set of cowlicks. By that point in time, he may not remember much else and I may have very little hair otherwise, but I will undoubtedly be recognizable because of my crazy set of bangs!  I laugh every time I think of me rounding a hallway corner in the home or something while I hear Darren yelling out, “Oh, there’s my wife!”.  And you know what?!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.




11 thoughts on “Cowlicks Anyone?

      1. Thanks. This was actually a post pony-tail wearing after I took the elastic out. I told my husband to snap a shot to remember the craziness by. I think he captured it well! Lol.

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  1. My brown hair has completed the transition to silver. I have started telling everyone that I got tired of coloring it, and went back to my natural platinum. Like you, I have a wild widow’s peak and cowlicks. There are worse things to have. At least we have lots of hair!

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    1. I agree that we are lucky to have a lot of hair and curly at that! If I had bone straight hair, I wouldn’t like it either. Thanks for your comment, Lou.


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