My Text to the Sun

wood light vacation picnic
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Though summer is upon us,

The rain just will not stop,

The sun pops out for a minute,

Then sheepishly disappears,

It’s driving me straight mad,

So, I decide to make a plea…

“Stay, stay, oh golden one, 
Are you hiding out of fear?
My flowers & my garden
Are all drowning,
Because you are not here.
There’s a lake in my front yard,
Which otherwise might be great, 
But, I cannot swim a lick,
So, ankle-deep wading, 
Is my go-to water schtick.
I wait, I watch, I wonder,
Then, I hear the sounds of thunder,
I sigh, I moan, I groan,
I wish I could reach you by telephone…
By chance, I send this modern-day text:”




B GR8 2 C U,

Maybe 2moro?



Response:  LOL #fromyouryellowstar

Hmmm…could that be,

Lots of love or laughing out loud?

Guess we shall soon see;-).




4 thoughts on “My Text to the Sun

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