#Dear Sunny Boy or Girl…

frozen soap bubble against sky during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I chose the picture above for this post because the frozen soap bubble reminded me of a crystal ball.  It sure would be nice if I could help the sun read its fortune.  It would go a little something like this, “You are getting ready to shine like you’ve never shone before, especially in Canada where Jibberjabber with Sue lives, you know, the girl blogger with the crazy cowlicks?!”  

Indeed, since I am without a crystal ball, I keep trying to cut deals with the sun, but it appears intent on not listening.  In some ways, I kind of feel like a child who is trying to bargain with Santa after a wrongdoing or two, “But, I really have tried to be a good girl this year and I would like…”.  Mr. Claus was a good guy and he usually pulled through for me, but the sun seems to be in a whole different echelon.  Of course, the North Pole is a little bit closer than the 92,955,807 miles that the Sun is away from our planet, but still… I’m not sure that that is a good enough excuse for not listening to its peeps down below.

Personally, I am beginning to think that the sun’s star status is getting a bit too big for its britches up there.  I mean, it is the largest star in our solar system and all, but in the overall scheme of things it is just average by comparison of other stars in the Milky Way galaxy.  Maybe someone ought to remind it of that fact, so that its corona doesn’t get so inflated that it can’t shine when and where it is supposed to.  Or, maybe all of the radiation at its core which usually generates its UV rays are starting to have other effects on the sun such that it cannot think straight and do its job.  Honestly, I don’t know what is going on, but my patience is starting to wear thin given that our summer is only three months long at best and we’ve yet to have a good, solid stretch of weather.

We have had rain pretty much daily for weeks now, with the odd reprieve in between.  Our grass, fields and garden are sopping wet, and I mean sopping!  Every time you walk somewhere all that you can hear beneath your shoes is the squeaking and squishing of the water.  Naturally, the mosquitoes are thriving on all of the moisture and us, whereas the rest of folks could use some help.  Trying to get fifteen acres of yardwork done when half (okay, maybe only a quarter) of it is under water is darn near impossible.  It’s disappointing really since we have such little time to enjoy the outdoors.  So, once again, as I did last year in a similar post, I will send my texting plea to the sun:




B GR8 2 C U,

Maybe l8r 2day & 2moro?



Oh, and if you happen to have a crystal ball handy, or Lou maybe your friend, Bill, (if he’s still around) can help us out, we sure could use some collective, positive powers of persuasion.  Please and thank you!



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