Duck, Duck, Goose



Tell me that it can’t be that time of year again?  What if I just flat-out refuse to believe it?  I’m guessing that choosing to turn a blind eye to it all won’t change the results, but maybe it will help to talk about it.  Maybe…

Different parts of the world have certainly been privy to some pretty outrageous weather this year ranging from ungodly heat to flooding to hurricanes.  By comparison, our rainy, cool summer conditions could be a whole lot worse, that’s for sure. Just the same, no one here (in this house anyway) is ready for the impending fall/winter season, which lately tends to be one in the same.  Each night, we lament the diminishing daylight just a little bit more.  Additionally, the leaves which seemingly just took their shape not that long ago are falling off of their branches and our signature flocks of Canadian Geese are already gathering.  Blech!  The Farmer’s Almanac, which is religiously regarded here for its meteorological accuracy, predicts snow in our area in three weeks.  Like really?!?  Given that it snowed during the second week in September last year, we should be what?  Grateful that we have an extra week of supposed summer?  Woo-hoo.  Can you sense my sarcasm?

At the beginning of the season when things began looking grim, I wrote a blogpost entitled, “My Text To The Sun” pleading with the all-mighty star to finally shine and send us some much needed warmth.  Since my hashtags didn’t work, I can only assume one of two things:  either the sun isn’t up to snuff with technology or it plain doesn’t like us at the moment.  Maybe it’s upset over the whole global warming trend?  I can’t blame it, but I’m doing my part.  I mean, I could do more, but I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint.  My second attempt at redeeming some semblance of summer came a few weeks after my initial plea during our vacation in Hawaii. Despite luggage delays, I was hopeful that our reclaimed bags would behold some of the plus thirty degree temperatures from our favourite Polynesian locale.  Unfortunately, my wish was defeated shortly after we landed and experienced sideways rain thanks to the darkling clouds and crazy winds.  The good news is that unlike our initial suitcase status, the airplane that we were on actually made it to the correct place. Indeed the all-too-familiar puddles meant that we were home.  And so, here I sit wondering just what it is that I can do for the third (and hopefully successful:-) time to encourage Mother Nature to take a turn for the better.  While thinking about our geese prematurely planning their southern route, the best thing that I could come up with is modelled after the traditional elementary-aged game as aforementioned in my title.  As an aside, the following link helps to explain the game for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure of playing it:

After much consideration, here is my final summons for some decent weather written in this very unique, updated version of the ‘Duck, Duck’ game:

Duck, Duck, Geese.

Go Away!!!

Sun, you are “It”.

Your turn to make a circle around us.

Unlike the game, I will save your spot!

Cloud, Cloud, Sun;-).






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