On the Brink of It All Over Again

So, here we are…AGAIN!!   Though, it’s more like, ‘Already‘?!  And, yes, I should be used to it by now since I’ve lived here my whole life long, but I am not.  I’m really not.  Every year, it seems to come earlier and earlier and I’m sure that those of you who, like me, live north of the main Border in North America will agree that it’s just too soon.  Far too soon.  The calendar just turned to October and fall officially arrived a little less than three weeks ago.  Surely, the predictions for snow this weekend cannot be correct, can they?  I mean weather forecasters are wrong most of the time, aren’t they?!  Of course, the fact that some neighbouring areas have already seen the white stuff might not exactly be working in our favour.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t mind seeing snow, just not on the ground that I have to walk and drive on.  Snow can be very pretty, especially at Christmastime, and it makes for some really awesome pictures to look at, but you know where it belongs?  I’ll gladly tell you where it belongs.  In the mountains, that’s where!  Then, I can happily admire its stark, white reflective nature from afar, since I’m not a climbing enthusiast or anything of the sort.

Now, you could play devil’s advocate and say, “Well Sue, if you really don’t like it, then why don’t you move?”  To which I would have to respond, “You are right.  We could and should just pick up and leave….”.  After all, I, myself, have blogged several times about the fact that you always have a choice in life and should never feel ‘stuck’.  And, as also mentioned in other blog posts of mine, my husband and I have seriously discussed moving to a warmer climate many times over.  We’ve even gone so far as to look at jobs down south.  But, for some odd reason, we cannot seem to convince our parents to move to Hawaii with us and we are NOT leaving them behind.  So, it’s kind of a family and money thing, if we are being realistic; but just so you know, we have thought about it.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii, aside from our parents?  Of course, let’s set the record straight…I don’t blame them for not wanting to leave Canada.  Their whole lives have been spent here.  Everything that they know and do is based here.  They don’t want to pick up in their late seventies and start over somewhere else, though a more temperate climate appeals greatly to them in theory as well.  Thus, my husband and I will just have to continue to holiday on the Islands when we can, face the ensuing winter with brave and forlorn faces (okay, not quite that dramatic), and save the dream of living there for another time.  But, let’s get back to the snow thing for just a minute, please.

You know, I think I could live more easily with the idea of winter and all that it encompassed, if it actually arrived when it was supposed to–say December or so…even late November would be okay.  But, when the weather blasts in in early October and stays until May, it makes a person a little stir crazy.  Vous comprenez?   The everlasting darkness, the bone-chilling cold, the mounds of snow, the endless shovelling, the icy roads.  Ah well, I guess I will ‘just have to deal’, as they say.

So, on this Thanksgiving weekend in our neck of the woods, when we are reminded to be grateful, I will just have change my Eeyore mindset (the infamously sad donkey character from Winnie-the-Pooh) and be thankful that we, my family, are in fact here to spend another winter together.  And, I am very grateful for that.  Definitely something to treasure!  Do me a favour though, will ya?  Keep your fingers crossed that, once again, the local meterologists will get paid to be wrong.  No snow here:-).  And, if you really like, you could join me in singing my little made-up, No Snow song to help keep it at bay, so to speak:

Snow, no!  

Snow, no!  

Oh no, Snow…

NO!  NO!  NO!”

(I think it’s safe to say that I won’t ever make it in the songwriting world, but I did manage to find a really cute Eeyore image about the upside of snow.  I’d say that’s progress from the beginning of my post;-).





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