Have You Ever?

Have you ever Realized that:

  • you have left the house with two different shoes on your feet?
  • you have been ‘watching’ a TV show, but really don’t know a thing about what you have seen?
  • you have eaten a whole bag of chips in one sitting, only to wonder if there was a hole in the bottom of the bag because you seriously don’t know remember where all of the salty slivers went?
  • your keys are still in the ignition just as your vehicle door latches and locks?
  • the ONE item that you went to the grocery store for has been replaced by a cartful of things, minus the ONE item you actually went in to get?
  • you sat down on the biffy only to discover that there is no toilet paper left?
  • you dialled a telephone number and forgot who you were calling?
  • the turkey that you had planned on roasting was still sitting on top of the oven, instead of in it?
  • you have ‘forgotten’ the name of a dear friend or loved one when introducing him/her to others?  (Oops!)
  • you haven’t used the bathroom all day?
  • you drove to work without remembering if you had to stop at any traffic lights along the way?  (Yikes!  Safety first, folks.)
  • your wallet/purse is at home after offering to take someone to a nice dinner out?  (Good thing for friends with wallets:-).
  • the person sitting next to you on an airplane is the only one with a cold?  (Lucky you!)
  • you left the garage door wide open after arriving back home at the day’s end?
  • your coveted and longtime lucky lotto numbers have been chosen, but you forgot to buy the ticket?
  • you left your passport sitting on your kitchen counter upon check-in at the airport?
  • you drove away from your parking stall without first unplugging your heater cord?  (Canadian folks know this one.)
  • you got ready for work without putting your make-up on?  (A naked feeling, right ladies?)
  • you forgot your own birthday day?
  • you put your phone in the refrigerator?  (And, it’s not because you or it needed to ‘chill out’ either.)
  • you thought the remote control was your phone?

While I will readily admit that a good chunk of the bullets on this list have been experienced by yours truly, some have been added just for fun:-).  I’ll let you wonder which are which…




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