On the Brink of It All Over Again–Part 3

Well, I had no intention of turning my post from Friday into a three-parter, yet here I am.  What began as a gloomy weather forecast of the first season’s snow has quickly turned into a scene right out of The Christmas Carol.  Honest to God.  In comparing pictures that I have taken of our bushes out front, you cannot deny what’s happened in one short month.  And, for the record, today is October 9th.

As you can see by the last of the three pictures taken this morning, it is downright winter outside.  I guess our treasured fall has obviously ‘fall-en‘ right out of sight, and what was once the hope of just a gentle skiff has now become a seriously shovel-worthy affair.  But, being who I am, I decided yesterday to turn my frown ‘upside down’ and get into the spirit of the season.  You know, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?!”.  Now, I thought that that was a pretty fair attitude to take, and so out came the soft, instrumental Christmas music, the makings for shortbread, et voila–look at the results.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  I mean just look at that melted toffee goodness…YUM!  (You want one, don’t ya?:-).


And, I will admit that it was fun.  Yesterday.  But bear with me a minute because, as I look outside of our many windows today, I find myself mourning what will clearly no longer be:  camping in our trailer, our garden, clear roads, green grass, blooming plants, flip-flops, shorts, daylight-all of it, gone to the way side.  Just.  Like.  That.  Instead of washing the country road layers of dust off of my truck, I have now had to negotiate with my husband which day he will put my winter tires back on, so that I can maneuver the highways safely.  Really?!?   And, instead of tending to our vegetables and watering our plants, out come the boots, mitts, toques, parkas, shovels, scrapers, heater cords and my winter safety kit, which occupies a whole seat of its own, meaning less room for shopping bags for the next seven months.  Ladies will understand what a problem that is!;-).

Ah, but I guess that it’s true what they say about how you decide to handle things in the face of adversity, isn’t it?!  It really can be character defining, so I guess that I should be Careful what I say and do going forward.  Given the damaging effects and conditions of recent weather in Haiti and the southern U.S., to say that I will persevere and fight my Eeyore-type attitude (mentioned in my first post) with our recent snowfall, is a bit sobering and ridiculous, really.  But, I do appreciate your allowing me a few moments to commiserate over what is now the reality here.  I will ‘deal‘, especially now that I have a plateful of freshly baked shortbread cookies on hand:-).


(Whose hand is that, I wonder?! he! he!).

So, here I sit, admittedly a few cookies in now (I appear to be getting an early start to stretchy pants season), and I will leave you with this one last image on this snowy, Christmas-like, early October day, which, just to be clear, is really Thanksgiving here in Canada; thus a fitting picture from Shutterstock, I would say.

Merry Thanksgiving dear friends!!



6 thoughts on “On the Brink of It All Over Again–Part 3

      1. Well, I am very sorry to hear that you have to go through that, but I am also glad that it isn’t anything more. Hopefully you are feeling better knowing what it is that you are up against. Take care:-). Have a great Monday.

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