Rutabagas, Wine, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and a Jelly Roll

A post I wrote this past spring which fits, in part, under today’s word prompt ‘cake’. Plus, there were some exciting celebrity sightings within:-).

Jibber Jabber with Sue

How do these things relate, and why would one wish to write about them, you may ask?  Well, this blog, albeit a little strange, was inspired by my brother-in-law.  So, Chris….this one is for you, as promised.

imageAs part of our pre-dinner talk last night, along with an open bottle of wine (which was delicious, by the way–hence, the wine part of my title), I explained to my in-laws that I had begun writing a blog.  My brother-in-law, unsure of what a blog was, inquired about its nature and how to access it.   After a briefing from my husband in answer to those questions, my sister-in-law then proceeded to ask what kind of things I write about, to which I answered, “Random (everyday) things”.  “Like vegetables?”, Chris asked.  Of course, my husband couldn’t resist blurting out, “Yah, like Rutabagas”.  And, so comes the rutabaga part of the title. Of…

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