Funky Fungi


These funky looking mushrooms were found at the Edge of the road at our lake lot this past weekend.  I won’t even pretend to know what kind they are, but I was immediately drawn to them because of their unique pinecone-like appearance.  A little research later this evening on good ol’ Google will likely yield a name and description.  Meanwhile, I was just happy to snap a picture of another one of Mother Nature’s important, yet fun guys (fungi)…sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun:-).  The best part is that shortly around the corner from this set of mushrooms, we managed to pick some really yummy crab apples whose taste just can’t be beat at this time of the year.  My mom makes some of the best jelly EVER out of the little pink wonders; hence, the reason for our little nature walk.

May the coming week keep you on the edge of your seat with more of nature’s beauty!


5 thoughts on “Funky Fungi

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  2. When I first looked at this great picture, I thought they were fancy cinnamon buns, my default position usually involving food!! I’ve never seen anything like them. Crab apple jelly is awesome and I also remember elderberry jam!!

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  3. I’ve never made apple jelly. Sounds delicious! This is the first year I won’t be making apple sauce, apple pie, apple turnovers, and do apple tastings with a class. The 2 girls I have now aren’t big apple fans. I’ll have to think of something different to do with them. Did you ever find out what kind od mushrooms these are? They remind of the beautiful cut/carved decorative vegetables you see at buffets, etc.

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    1. It’s tough to see some of those traditions go, isn’t it? Guess you’ll just have to create some new ones:-). Warm Apple pie with ice cream is the best! No luck finding the name of those mushrooms….they are certainly unique, though. Have a great weekend! I’m hoping to get some writing in….been doing pretty good with workouts. Hope you are managing well!

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