Tapping Into Our Own Syzygy

Aside from being a cool sounding word, syzygy, wherein three celestial bodies align, is an example of an Eclipse.  And, most know that total eclipses and bearing witness to them are usually rare events; ones which get recorded carefully and methodically in history.  What’s interesting is that when I first learned about the word ‘syzygy’, I immediately related it to our own alignment of:  mind, body & soul, noting how rarely those three are in sync as well.  Then, I began to wonder if in fact there is a relationship between syzygy in our human selves and the world around us.  And, I think there might be.  It would make sense, wouldn’t it?!  That we are indeed tied to our universe in more complex ways than we initially realize.

I guess my thought for today is, what if we were able to align our physical, mental and spiritual sides more often?  What if our own total ‘eclipses’ were not so rare, not only in being seen by others, but more importantly in being more easily identifiable to ourselves.  Would our lives take on a different trajectory, such that a clear alignment of all three parts would lead to events worthy of being recorded in history similar to those well-known lunar & solar events?  I guess one would never know unless one put it out there.  Would we feel more synergized with syzygy of our mind, body & souls?  Do syzygy and synergy go together, wherein the sum of all parts are greater than the whole?  While I’m not really sure of the answers to these questions, I am happy to pose them just the same.  And so, I will leave it at that.  Just an opportunity to wonder aloud, really.



8 thoughts on “Tapping Into Our Own Syzygy

    1. Fifteen years of practicing yoga and corpse pose (where you lie still and try to clear your mind to be truly in the present) and I still haven’t mastered it. The hardest pose by far. Reminds me of just how much time my thoughts are spent in the past or future as opposed to the right now. As long as I keep trying, though, right?! And, in the few instances when I’ve managed it, it’s pretty neat! And, no…I don’t think it’s just limited to meditation. I think it’s when you are able to move forward in life at those key junctures (different for everyone) and/or those moments of real clarity or fulfillment.

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      1. My yoga teacher, who is awesome, always reminds us that should our thoughts begin to wander, that we not pass judgement on ourselves for doing so (for some reason, we like to punish ourselves for doing it ‘wrong’) and that we should gently guide our thinking back to our breathing…’breathing in, breathing out’ is a phrase she recommends, as focusing on our breathing is what keeps us grounded and in the present. Maybe that’ll help you:-).

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