Pretty Please With Sugar on Top?!

Well, it’s a good thing that we are not Avid barbecuers because once again our fate is one of a snow-covered nature.


After just having gotten rid of most of our Merry Easter weekend dumping of snow (nearly a foot), we woke up this morning only to discover that we will be socked in again with this unforgiving weather until Tuesday, at minimum.  So, I plead to my dear WordPress friends….

Does ANYONE out there have even a little hint of spring-like conditions that they would be willing to spare and EXPRESS courier our way?  Pretty please, with sugar on top?!!’

Our poor geese don’t know whether they are coming or going.  Yesterday, I literally saw them flying one way and then the other, honking madly in the process.  I think it’s safe to say that dazed and confused would be a good way to describe us all at this point in time.  I mean, we usually end up with one last crack at the cat for snow, but this is getting beyond ridiculous.  I almost have to wonder if April Fool’s Day has somehow turned into April Fool’s MONTH.  Ahhhh…!  

May Day, May Day…” literally!

We NEED the month of May to get here fast to get us out of this everlasting mess.  Hopefully.  I even promise to be a good girl.  Meanwhile, I will gladly accept any Express Post mail, my friends;-).

Rip Snortin’ Mad!

Burning hot

Fists clenched

Brows furrowed

Tight shoulders

Body tense

Locked jaw

Darting eyes

Toes curled

Shallow breath

Spike in blood pressure


Rip snortin’ mad!  

(Is it really worth it?)


Our Bunny Cat

Our ‘bunny’ cat bathing in the post-Easter sun.  She certainly elicits a few Chuckles from us!  One of the many reasons we love her so:-).

Always and Forever


Imagine that you are tucking your little one in at night.

As you have happily done countless times before.

They look up at you with their sweet, innocent smile, as only they can.

You don’t want to have to go away, but it’s this little thing called work.

It pays the bills, puts a roof over your heads and food in one’s belly.

You pull the covers up really snuggly-like over their wiggly little body.

You kiss them on the forehead and wish them sweet dreams, as always.

Then, it happens so unexpectedly…

Your child asks sincerely, “Daddy, can I have your autograph?”

You are startled.  Astonished!  But, proud.  A Jolt goes through you.

You are just his dad.  ‘He wants my autograph?!’

Trying to grasp the reality of the situation, you pause somewhat awkwardly.

After signing a piece of paper, your child thanks you.

‘Is this really happening?!’  The smile inside your heart matches that of your little one.

A short while later, you get a call.  It’s your son.

“Hi Daddy, I put your autograph under my pillow.”

And, in that moment, you realize the true impact that you have on your child.

You are not just his dad.  You are his hero!  Always and forever.

~Inspired by a True story~

Your Footsteps

Whether Climbing in, out or up, it’s all the same.  You need to place one foot in front of the other to get where you are going.   Otherwise, you remain in the same spot.

imageTrue that sometimes you may need a lift or a helping hand, and sometimes you may even need to rest along the way or stop to take in the view (please do!).  Stay focused, have faith and you will get there.  Eventually.

You might even decide that a change of direction is necessary at some point.  Just follow your instinct.  It is meant to serve you.

imageShould you land in an unfavourable spot, you will simply use the same strategy of ‘one foot, then the other’ to try elsewhere.

 A lot can be learned in the trying.  It’s part of the journey.

Your climb.  Your journey.

imageYour footsteps.

           A gift.

Why Are You So Cranky?

Was it something I said?

Did you hit your head?

Why are you so Cranky?

I cleaned up our room,

And I swept with the broom,

Why are you so cranky?

The sun will come out,

No need to shout,

Why are you so cranky?

I went to the store,

And bought plenty more,

Why are you so cranky?

Holidays are coming,

You are usually humming,

Why are you so cranky?

The bills are paid,

Our plans are made,

Why are you so cranky?

Your heart has a beat,

You are walking on two feet,

Why aren’t you grateful?



A Work In Progress

Perhaps this post is not so Timely in that this prompt is now two days old, but….well, you know what they say, “Better late….”, which interestingly enough brings me right to the point of my thoughts on the matter of timeliness.

You see, I’ve NEVER been a very timely person.  NEVER.  I don’t think I was an overdue baby per se, but I did come out as a breech, so that could have something to do with my inclination of being ‘fashionably’ late (nice choice of words considering I was a breech, eh?).  I do know, however, that my mom’s doctor, just prior to my birth, told her to, “Hurry up!” as it was noon and he wanted to go for lunch.  Maybe it was at point that I decided to become passive-aggressive with time?!  I mean, many a psychologist will tell you that we do carry forward things from our past, though that would be a little extreme, wouldn’t it?  I would have been too young to remember, but it is noted that babies do learn fast, so who knows?! Read More…


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