Holiday Binge-Eating

I’m pretty careful about what I eat for many reasons, but our holiday has changed that… for now. I’ve had more no-no foods and drinks than I’ve had in a VERY long while. It’ll definitely be time to return to some clean eating when we get home. Luckily, I’ve managed to keep up with my physio exercises and we’ve done a fair bit of walking around most of the days that we’ve been here. Otherwise, I think I’d probably feel a bit sick, as one can when they over-indulge. It’s not that I’ve strayed super far away from the norm, just that I’ve treated myself way more than I would in any other circumstance. On one hand, it’s nice to be more lenient with myself in what I can have without the self-imposing guilt; on the other hand, I am fully aware that the scale has likely tipped up a little over the past few days. After having to purchase new clothes recently due to weight loss, I don’t want to go the other way again if I can help it. I’ve spent a fair bit of money re-building a wearable wardrobe, and I’m at a pretty comfortable weight at the moment. I’d hate to put the pounds back on and land somewhere in between the old and new me, so to speak, with nothing to wear.

For us, eating out is definitely a treat, even before COVID-19 forced people to stay in and do more cooking at home. Part of our holiday experience is that meals become an event, as is the case for many vacationers I’m sure. We specifically plan our days around them, we get ready for them, we dress for them, we plan our route accordingly, etc. When seated at whatever restaurant or destination that we’ve finally chosen, I often make it a goal to try a new drink or a new dish that I wouldn’t normally choose. In some cases, my novel finds make their way back into my repertoire of eats at home. Take avocado, for instance. I once ordered a sandwich that came with the smooth green fruit carefully layered in. While I wasn’t sold on the taste of it in the first bite or two, as there isn’t a ton of flavour to it in and of itself, it didn’t take long before I realized that it added a welcome, creamy texture to my sandwich. Fast forward to today and next to bananas and melons, avocado is a must-have on our shopping list. Even on this trip, it’s one of the things that we HAD to pick up to add to my in-room meals. If I hadn’t have had that sandwich back when, I might have missed out on a healthy favourite of mine.

On this trip, I’ve tried a new kind of beer which I pretty much gulped down because of its smooth nature, eaten a lobster roll for the first time (amazing and highly recommended!), and had a vegan ice cream treat made with coconut cream, almonds and burnt sugar that was pretty gosh darn good. Not too shabby of a list to add to the newbies that I’ve tried thus far, is it? While yesterday’s food binge included the vegan ice cream, I had no choice but to chuckle when I realized what I’d all consumed throughout the day. Upon reflection, I officially declare Sunday, August 8th as my best worst eating day in years! Seriously. Let me recap for fun…

It began with a decaf moccachino and a fresh baked cinnamon roll by the harbour, a rather short pina colada by the pool at 11AM (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?), that salted ice cream indulgence mid-day (I only ate half to my credit) and pizza Italiano for supper. The whole day was calorie and fat-laden, with the pizza being the surprise loser in that it was supposed to be well-renowned here at our hotel, but paled in comparison to an earlier pie enjoyed at the beginning of our trip. Nonetheless, it seemed as though I was eating ‘junk’ from morning till night. As a means of saving grace, I did have some apple slices as an evening snack. You know, the whole ‘let me fit in something healthy bit to undo all of the bad’ fix. Of course, the notion behind that statement never comes to fruition, but I always figure that it is worth a shot.

Funny enough, my acupuncturist and her new husband took a trip recently as well and at my last appointment, she recounted how much they’d gorged themselves with all kinds of French fare. So much so, that they actually decided to do a few days of fasting upon their return—she still looked a bit pained the day that I saw her. I can’t say that my husband and I are at that point by any means, but there will be limited treats on our horizon. At least, that’s the plan. 😉. Hmmm… all of this food talk is making me hungry. Must be time to satiate a craving or two; after all, we’re not home yet.


8 thoughts on “Holiday Binge-Eating

  1. When I was working, I had a healthy breakfast during the week, but indulged on the weekends. Donuts or cinnamon rolls were always a treat. But now retired–who remembers what day it is??!! That donut in your photo sure looks good, though…. 🍩🥞🧇

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    1. Glad that you saw to it to treat yourself on weekends. And now, in retirement, every day is a weekend day… well, if you want it to be. 😉

      I’m not as much of a fan of donuts as I am cinnamon buns. The smell gets me every single time and I simply cannot pass it up.

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      1. I have always loved to cook and bake so being retired, and during Covid, means a lot more time for me in the kitchen. And I have several donut recipes that you bake, not fry–healthy, right?! 😄 Fresh baked cinnamon rolls…they take a bit more time, but they are SO good!! Nope, not passing those up either.

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