My Friend, Summer

My friend, Summer,

Where did you go?

I’m missing you already,

Didn’t you know?

My friend, Summer,

Can you stay a bit longer?

I really wish you would,

Or… are you a goner?

My friend, Summer,

Is my request too late?

I surely hope not,

Are you open to debate?

My friend, Summer,

Don’t you like our visits?

‘Cuz I certainly do,

Need I be more explicit?

My friend, Summer,

Have you met with Fall yet?

Please tell me no,

But, it’s inevitable I fret.


6 thoughts on “My Friend, Summer

    1. We had our last snowfall at the end of May & already leaves are turning colour here. Yet, they just filled in & turned green 3 short months ago. It’s really crazy, isn’t it?!


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