Saturday Mornings Then and Now

Most of us in the western world grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons making it the best morning of the week. In retrospect, I’m thinking it was equally as fun for us kids as it was for our parents. After all, they must have relished the extra hour or two in bed IF they could actually manage to sleep in which wasn’t often, if ever for my dad. If nothing else, it hopefully gave them a bit of breathing room without us hassling them or needing them to make breakfast because everyone knows that cold cereal & milk always went hand-in-hand with cartoons. I think my favourite cartoon was The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. Whereas my brothers, namely my older one, adored Roadrunner, I loved the antics between Sylvester and Tweety-bird. I even remember convincing my parents to buy me a light fixture for my bedroom with the infamous characters on it. Hey, if the idea of it kept me entertained, I’m sure that it was worth it to them.

After staying up later on Friday night, we three kids would go to bed excited about the morning to come and the re-acquaintance of our animated friends. There was just something so thrilling about coming down the stairs in our pajamas, heading to the kitchen by ourselves, grabbing our own food and settling into our favourite spots in front of the television. If I remember correctly, we’d watch a good two or three hours worth, ending around 11AM. Of course, if you’ve tuned into my blog before, you might not be too surprised to hear that I was likely the last of us three to actually climb out of bed. My motivation to get moving? The notion that my two brothers would get to indulge without me if I didn’t and THAT surely wasn’t going to happen. As their annoying little sister, it was my right and duty to take part whether or not they liked it. I think we mostly got along pretty well during cartoon watching, although there was always a rally for who should have the remote control. Size won out or at least that is the way that I remember it, anyway. Probably their version of the story is that they let me have the changer otherwise I would whine and complain until my parents made them give it up. Maybe it happened that way?! Memory usually has a funny way of siding in our favour, doesn’t it? ;-). Age doesn’t unfortunately.

Whilst Friday nights still have the same allure of being able to stay up later, the reality of it at our age is quite different. In fact, last night (Friday), I fell asleep in my recliner countless times before giving up and heading to bed at 9PM. 9PM?!? Are you kidding me? That used to be my bedtime as an older child and I hated it. ‘Twas waaay too early and yet, here I lie. Once again, I guess my parents knew best. Even though cartoon watching is no longer in our repertoire, likely because we aren’t parents ourselves, early Saturday mornings are. The reasons are much different and not as much fun, but hey! it is what it is. For the record, I still happen to think that Sylvester and Tweety are cute—not cute enough for light fixtures, however, since the actual light itself is much more important these days.

Usually, somewhere between 7 and 8AM (which is now considered sleeping in), I amble out of bed because one or more parts of my body hurt and/or I have to use the washroom for the second or third time since turning in the night before. Once up, there’s really no point in going back to bed since sleep seems to elude itself at that time in the morning. Then, the endless list of to-do’s promptly enters my mind and with that, the day has begun, like it or not. After physio and my morning walk, it’s breakfast, still cereal interestingly enough, and…. coffee!!! Who knew that the sanctities of Saturday morning java would become the equivalent of cartoon watching from decades past?! No wonder my mom savoured her first Saturday morning cup. No rushing around, no cold sips, no worry of spills which usually accompanies the weekday version whose reality is much less romantic. For me personally, my Hawaiian coffee is my Tweety. I just love it so and *it* is what I think of as I jammy-up on Friday nights. Paired with a scroll through my social media accounts where I am without question the remote controller and some writing and welcome to my slowly evolved Bugs Bunny Show. “That’s all (for now), folks.”

2 thoughts on “Saturday Mornings Then and Now

  1. Yay! So happy to hear someone else stays up till 9pm. We lived wild last night–and dragged ourselves to bed at 9:20pm! Our cats have been letting us sleep a little bit later since we changed our clocks last week. Don’t know why, but I’ll take it. I was a Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck kinda gal. They still crack me up.

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