It Can Pay Off to Deny Yourself

Yum, yum, yum AND yum for my tum!

I love chocolate! It doesn’t like me. It’s called acid reflux and if you’ve ever suffered from it, you know how brutal the symptoms can be. I’ve had to eliminate a LOT of tasty things from my diet as a result, which sometimes makes me sad, especially when it comes to chocolate—dark chocolate having been a new favourite. The truth is that while my heartburn triggers often leave me craving what I cannot have, the aftereffects of eating such items are simply NOT worth their ill-fated consumption. Huge sigh! And so, I generally stay away from those problem foods as best I can in the hopes of safely indulging in the odd treat here or there, as well as my once weekly Hawaiian coffee.

Today was one of those days when I decided to satiate one of my all-time set of cravings: ice cream AND chocolate toffee pieces, affectionately known by some (namely yours truly), as a Skor blizzard from Dairy Queen, an infamous ice cream and burger place here in Canada. For the record, I am also lactose intolerant which makes my somewhat foolish treat of choice a double whammy. I am fully prepared to suffer if need be, but I’m hoping that an over-the-counter tablet or two will help me fight the good fight. Some days those bubbling mounds of frothiness save me, some days not. It’s like a game of luck with uncomfortably high stakes if all goes awry. I guess I’m willing to wager that things go in my favour this time. Here’s hoping 🤞🤞🤞…

The good new is this: Since I don’t eat much chocolate anymore, the taste of it is even more delectable when I finally do. It is as though the magic of the cocoa bean remembers my sweetest tastebuds and then, its silky texture takes the experience of it all to a whole other level in the stratosphere that I have nearly forgotten about. It’s euphoric really, so I totally buy into the theory of chocolate and serotonin. I swear that the chemical release begins right as I crack the lid of my signature frozen dessert, and dip into the cup for that very first and most coveted spoonful. The first bite is ALWAYS the best, isn’t it? I try to let the sweetness of it all slowly melt onto my palette until I can no longer take the allure of the floating toffee pieces which are met with a familiar and ever-so satisfying crunch. Yum, yum, yum AND yum for my tum!

Given my ignited sense of euphoria, my dedication, my steadfastness to a fairly strict diet most days clearly has pay-offs. In savouring a favourite indulgence of mine only once-in-awhile, it truly becomes a treat that pleases each and every time. That being said, I guess that I should be…. grateful?! Okay, maybe not. While I wouldn’t go so far as to use the word grateful along with my food ailments, I can say that having limited choices likely saves me a lot of empty calories. As well, *if* I was able to eat what I wanted any old time, it would likely turn into ALL the time and then the elusive ‘high’ would dissipate as would the jazziness of my tastebuds. Now THAT! would be a pure travesty since I have come to really appreciate the newness of old flavour favourites.

So… do I recommend denying yourself a few of life’s little pleasures? I do actually, but only because they can be sooo much sweeter when you hold them at arm, or shall I say tongue’s length for awhile. Try it if you haven’t already. You might become addicted to NOT being addicted to chocolate and/or any other sinfully delicious foods, which we all know are best eaten in moderation at best. I’m simply suggesting that you moderate your moderation a teensy bit more. Trust me, it’s worth the wait, not the weight. 😉


7 thoughts on “It Can Pay Off to Deny Yourself

  1. I had to reach out for a piece of chocolate after reading your post :). I am lactose intolerant too – but thankfully that hasn’t had an impact on my chocolate consumption; most dark chocolate I eat is dairy free. Do indulge yourself once in a while – life won’t be worth much without chocolate :).

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    1. Too funny about your reaching for chocolate afterward. I have found dairy-free chocolate too, but it’s usually the caffeine in it that upsets my reflux—same with regular coffee.

      Thanks for stopping by & commenting. Have a great week!

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  2. My ice cream addiction is currently under control. But last year I found a Pacific Northwest brand of heavy cream icecream that took me directly to the ice cream freezer chest every week. I now avoid that aisle entirely. Chocolate is a biggie, but salted caramel and strawberry will do in a pinch. Get the behind me Satan!

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    1. I like the clarifying statement that your addiction is under control… for now. 😉

      I’m not big on strawberry, but I actually found a lactose-free salted caramel brand & they also have a chocolate mocca one. If only the chocolate could be caffeine free, then I’d have less worries.

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  3. I am not big on many junk foods. I don’t care for pretzels, popcorn or candy. But chocolate … now that’s a whole other story. I might try your suggestion of abstaining for a while only to better enjoy the taste. But something tells me that thought will be banished on my next brush with chocolate.

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