Just One More

It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that I ventured outside after our first snow melt to do some much anticipated driveway walking. I remember the day vividly and I also remember how elated I felt afterward. It was the first of many revered walks thanks to my newly sutured ankle tendon which has been a little bit more than persnickety about its surgical undertaking.

Now, here we are seven months later on this cold, snowy winter-like day, and I’m already wishing for just one more driveway walk. Even though I managed to get in one ‘last’ walk on Friday before we got hit with a crazy storm dropping several inches of white stuff, I find myself prematurely mourning the freedom and invigoration of the outdoors; alas, it’ll be a good little while before I hit the gravel again. Knowing that the impending storm was on its way, I did my best to focus on each one of my footsteps and take note of all of the beautiful surroundings as well as my progress over the past few months, but time doesn’t stand still. While I would gladly bundle up and take off down our snowy road, the mere notion of slipping and falling paralyzes me from doing so. It’s not worth the risk even though I am now 15 months post-surgery. Instead, I’ll have to redirect my energies to our basement wherein our treadmill, elliptical machine and stationary bike await my presence. I know that I am fortunate to have exercise options in our very own home… but it’s not quite the same.

Being Canadian born and raised, you’d think I’d be used to the confines of winter some four and half decades later, but I’m not. And now that we have become accustomed to travelling over the past few years, it’s been even more of a challenge to swallow the endless snow and cold. Of course, we aren’t going anywhere this year and that makes the impending season seem worse in many ways. Our proverbial carrot is gone. However, we are grateful that we are healthy and that our family & friends are well, so a few days on the beach will have to wait for now. The universe is telling us that other things are more important right now and so we will stop and listen and appreciate what we do have—each other and a warm place to call home and hold us through the dark, dreary days that lie ahead. Hopefully, the sun will do its best to shine its light on us whenever possible.

When spring finally does dawn, it’ll be all that much more sweet and I will once again venture out of my basement and onto the familiar curve of our winding drive. Maybe by then we will be dawning a new era toward the end of the coronavirus as well? One can hope. Meanwhile, all that we have in this lifetime is one step at a time whether that be on the driveway, treadmill or somewhere else. As long as we are all still living, breathing, and moving around, there is a lot to be grateful for. This year especially. Cheers, my friends! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Just One More

  1. A sturdy pair of snowshoes, a set of crampons and some ski poles are my suggestions. You can glide about your yard and driveway and have a bit of fun – Unless you are like a friend of mine from Ottawa who insisted on winning the snowshoe race at any cost, and wound up with a hernia. Seriously, we have to stay safe, and be careful.

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