Dr. Seuss and I Have An Ask…

Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion,

Even a character, such as a Minion,

I have no problem with it at all,

It’s neither an order that is too big or too tall.

Personally, I am fascinated with differing viewpoints and as such, I find myself surrounded by friends who reflect such variances. It keeps things real and most importantly, it keeps me on my toes. After all, my way of thinking isn’t the only way to go about things. Shocker, right?! (Ha, ha.)

Let’s face it, these pandemic times have brought about some very interesting…. theories, shall we say. From the beginning of this whole thing, we’ve heard everything from the fact that COVID-19 is a hoax used by leadership to control our actions to ‘evidence’ that China and the U.S. corroborated on the man-made killer virus aimed at eliminating the old and the weak from our ever-growing population. The thing is, who really knows the truth? I mean the news always has a slant of some sort to it and ‘research’ conflicts itself daily. Here’s what I do know: a million plus people have died in the past few months. That we’ve heard of, those deaths have been recorded as coronavirus-related. Whether or not that is true remains a point of contention, but clearly people are dying in large proportions which is beyond sad and devastating. I also know that where we live in Canada, various measures and protocols have been put in place by health and government officials to ‘flatten’ the numbers. One of those measures is the wearing of masks when out in public, along with the concept of social distancing.

Do we as a western society like wearing masks? Nope. Not at all obviously. It’s a foreign practice to us. Is there a lot of controversy over what kinds of masks one should wear and whether or not they are really effective? 100%. BUT, I wear one and no, it’s not because I am a sheep following the herd as has been referenced to us rule-followers in countless news feeds. I wear one because I choose to be respectful of those around me. It really is that simple. If my being inconvenienced or ‘herded’ by mask-wearing helps even 1% to protect those around me in one way or another, then I will have done my part whether that’s in reducing the cold or flu virus being spread and/or COVID. I figure that that is the least that I can do, especially for the elderly and those who are immune-compromised which just so happens to include my own parents. Once again, like in my opening paragraph, it’s not all about me or what I think about this whole mess that we have found ourselves in. It’s about how we can help each other get through this crisis and I would say a million plus deaths is a crisis regardless of the cause or one’s beliefs.

I am not even going to pretend that I know ALL of the ins and outs of wearing a mask because I don’t. However, I do know enough and I am doing my best to follow the guidelines that have been laid out for us since it is clear that we can cause more issues for ourselves with improper use. In my opinion, in addition to group gatherings, it is the incorrect use of masks, or lack thereof, that is causing our numbers to continue to rise as opposed to the widely accepted theory that masks simply don’t work. They WON’T work if we don’t use them as intended. While I can’t speak to how well other individuals sanitize or wash up before & after mask use and/or the care of the masks themselves, I can tell you that many folks have already adopted a very poor habit of ‘wearing’ them. Case in point: The other day, as I made my way up and down the aisles of one of our big warehouse grocers, I noted that one in every 2 to 3 people had their mask ‘on’ below their nose or chin. Despite the fact that I am not a health expert of any kind, I am willing to wager a bet that that kind of mask use is NOT helping our situation and that instead, it will only serve to lengthen the amount of time that we have to don PPE. Now, NONE of us want that, do we?! Seriously. So, all that I ask is this—if you don’t want to mask up properly (and I get it as some days, I just can’t do it either), then please stay home and do your shopping online, order up one of the eight billion delivery services that will happily look to call you their customer or ask one of your bubble-goers who is willing to do their part to do your shopping for you. Meanwhile, here’s a catchy little Dr. Seuss rhyme to keep it all real as only he can…

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss and I Have An Ask…

  1. This is so perfect, Sue! I don’t get the mis-wearing of the masks. The ones who brazenly walk right past the store signs that say, “Please wear your mask” are one thing, but those who wear it incorrectly–why? Is there a subliminal message I should be getting? After all this time, are they still unsure how to wear the mask? Such a puzzle. We shall continue to be mostly recluses. This way I am protecting both you and me. Take care, Sue, and stay safe.

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  2. I know what you mean about the “Chin warmers”. It annoys me, and those who wear their masks below their nose annoy me too, but I try not to get angry about it because I can’t change it and I am not responsible for their behaviour; I just focus on wearing my mask correctly. That’s all I can do.

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