The Gift Within

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You carry it with you wherever you go,

It’s one of the most important things you (can) own,

And it’s very distinguishable in nature,

It can be loud and demanding,

Or it can be gentle and sweet,

It guides your actions from within,

It is a gift that can easily be taken for granted,

Often, the power it carries gets overlooked,

The messages it delivers can be positive or negative,

You can express it many different forms,

I am using one of the ways right this minute,

It’s a delicate balance between being heard,

While also being able to truly listen at the same time,

Your voice is the most powerful instrument that you have, 

And much like its musical counterparts, you can fine tune it,

It’s never too late to use it, to reflect on it, or to quiet it down.

What does your voice say about you?  What does your voice say about others?  Perhaps, more significantly, what doesn’t it say?

Now is a really good time to hone in on it.  How are you letting your voice guide you in times like this?  What messages are you giving yourself inwardly and outwardly?  What messages are you sending to others/to the world around you?

You can use your voice to speak your truth and bring you closer to your purpose, closer to what you want out of life or you can use it to take you further away from who you really are and what you want to achieve. The choice is always up to you!







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