Relish the Extra Hour

“Oh boy!  Oh boy!  A whole extra hour of time”.  Isn’t that a dream come true for most of us?  Aren’t we often complaining that there are never enough hours in a day?  Well, here it is, kind folks.  ‘Time to pony up’, as today is the once-a-year opportunity to Relish the fact that daylight saving time has ended in our parts, and we have a whole other hour in the day to spend ANYWAY we wish.  Now, I don’t know about you, but it kinda leaves me feeling like a kid in a candy store so to speak, in thinking about how I will use the added minutes.  I mean, the possibilities are endless!  And, believe you me, work and/or housework will NOT be on my list of choices, though each has to be done and that’s fine–it just WON’T be during MY extra time, I can assure you of that!!   Saying so, I better get on with it here, as I don’t want to waste ONE. SINGLE. MOMENT.

Hmm, let’s take a closer look at my wish list and decide…just WHAT shall I do?

  1. Write – but I am already doing that:-).
  2. Read – yes, it would be nice to get caught up on other people’s posts.
  3. Sleep – uh-huh, but then I would kinda feel like the time was lost, if that makes sense.  I want to consciously count each precious minute.  (Remember I am not a parent here, so I understand that for some of you, the idea of NOT napping during that extra hour is simply preposterous–see insert below:-).image
  4. Bake – a good possibility, as I have extra tart shells just waiting to be filled.  Butter tarts, anyone?  So easy to make and yummy!
  5. Movie – yep, could tune into Netflix thanks to our new Smart TV, or we could really be adventurous, and head out to a theatre; though, that would definitely take more than an hour.
  6. Chat – I guess I could actually pick up the phone and call someone, instead of text for a change…but, that means that I would have to talk and what is that I would say exactly?  (Just kidding, but a sign of the times for sure….Lol:-).  For the record, I will call my parents later on, as I usually do on Sundays.
  7. Decorate – the Halloween decor could come down, and the beginning of my Christmasy things could slowly make their way out and about.  Maybe, it’s too soon yet?  Hmmm….
  8. Cards – I could begin writing out my Christmas cards, except that I don’t have any for this year yet.  Usually, we pick some up in Hawaii, but this year we went in July and thought it best not to ask the stores about Christmas on the Fourth of July.   (And yes, I am old-fashioned in that I still like to write out cards and send them in the mail.  I mean, who doesn’t love receiving handwritten things?  Not to mention that it’s nice to sort through all of one’s postal items and find something other than all of the mounting bills!  Wouldn’t you agree?).
  9. Play – never too old for that, right?!  I could break out a card or board game and ask my husband to indulge me for awhile.  We have been known to play a mean game of Cribbage, image but I’m not sure how he would feel about popping the ‘Popamatic’ bubble in the game of Trouble.  (My nephew sure liked it, but he was six when we first began playing…).
  10. Cat – our once feral, outside farm kitten who wouldn’t come remotely near us early on, now cannot get enough cuddling or petting.  She could always use some extra loving on this rainy, overcast kind of day, if I can coax her out of her cozy, red, cat bed, that is.  She sure is cute, if I do say so myself!  (Minus the blind slat that I snuck this picture through.)image

Well, there you have it…a rather lengthy list of fun, easy, doable one-hour’ish things.  And, it’s up to me to choose!  Yay!!  I’ll keep you guessing as to which one(s) I go with?  Meanwhile, I hope that whatever item(s) which have made it onto your list for today’s coveted hour are enjoyable ones and thank you for taking part of it to read this post!  Happy Post-Daylight Saving Time to you!



11 thoughts on “Relish the Extra Hour

  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise

    We moved our clocks back a week ago in England ,,,,,, oh and the Christmas films have started on TV. Why do they repeat the same ones year after year grrrr

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      1. The lead-up to anything is often better, isn’t it? I feel the same with vacations.

        As for the films, I just wish it wasn’t the same ol’ story line over and over again. Canadian movies, especially, tend to be very predictable! I, personally, am a sucker for Christmas music. One of our local radio stations begins playing non-stop holiday songs in a week or so. Can’t wait!!!!!!

        Cheers to enjoying the next month or so before festivities come to a halting stop. Soon, it will be 2017!!!!!

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      2. I’ve learned to NEVER wish time away…I just can’t believe how quickly this whole year has gone by!!! But, I’ll happily accept the ‘young’ comment;-).

        But, yes….we are looking forward to our next planned holidays. February will be the first for 2017. And, Maui in the summer!!! Sooo excited!!!

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      3. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise

        Brilliant enjoy every moment ❤️ I had the four polyps removed on Friday, not the nicest experience with no pain relief 😬😳🙄but hopefully that will be the end of a very unhealthy year … I am looking forward to 2017 😉

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      4. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise

        I am feeling so much better a week on thanks Sue. 🌹we are going on holiday next Friday to a lovely cottage with a wood burner near the sea. After two cancelled holidays this year we can’t wait xx

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