Must I Choose?

It is good that life is full of choices, but did you know that there are many times when, in fact, you don’t have to choose?  Sometimes, you can have it both ways Or all.  Perhaps, you need to be a bit creative in order to make it happen, but it is possible.  You know the old saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  Well, I beg to disagree in certain circumstances, especially when nothing but good can come from it.  In fact, it may be that I want my cake, a cookie and a slice of pie.  What’s wrong with that?  I say, set your sights high.  Only you can.  Of course, you are welcome to disagree with me on this one, and I am sure that each of us could cite scenarios wherein our indulgence in cake, cookies and pie might not be what’s best, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to consider any and/or all of the options.   Why limit oneself unless there is a need to?

I am twenty-one years into my career of choice, and about ten years in I was headed for leadership opportunities until I did a 180 degree about-face, threw caution to the wind, and went part-time to achieve a more healthy work/life balance.  Many questioned/critiqued my decision, while others envied it.  Some in my profession had no idea that a schedule like mine was even possible and since then, a few of my fellow colleagues have modified their own approach to work.  The best part is that for well over a decade, I have had the opportunity to live out my lifelong passion, while maintaining a balance in my personal life.  I would say that that is a perfect example of “having my cake and eating it too.”  Speaking of sweets….

Yesterday, two of my very good friends and I upheld our annual tradition of baking Christmas cookies together to freeze and share with our families and company over the holidays.  We each made a triple batch of our favourite recipes, split them amongst the three of us and walked away with an armload of goodies.  Once again, no need to choose:-).  Shortbread, soft molasses drops and oatmeal snowballs–all mine to have, share and enjoy!  The question is, “What shall I taste-test first?”, not “Which one will I have?” because….I can have them all, if I wish.  Now, fitting into my pants might be a different story if I eat all three endlessly, and I am sure that my doctor might have something to say about consuming too many holiday treats, but it is up to me.  Before the cookies hit the freezer later today, I see no reason why I can’t sample each for dessert with our meals today–do you?


So, ‘when push comes to shove’, consider the notion that you might not have to make a choice after all, just ‘think outside the box’ as to how you can have the best of both worlds; meanwhile, I will happily think about tackling the inside of the above three boxes displayed;-).  YUM!


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