Simplicity in the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains, Jasper, AB  Canada

Who can resist a simple, Mountain view?  Not me and certainly not my husband, Darren, whose love of the mountains and photographing them inspired him to move out here over seven years ago (for which I am forever grateful, as we met and married shortly thereafter:-).

Believe it or not, Darren captured this sunrise view of the gorgeous Rockies just behind some railway tracks along the highway.  Proof that breath-taking scenes are right at our fingertips for the taking–no need to venture ‘into the back forty’, as they say, though the serenity and adventure in doing so can be lovely too.  Personally, I love the crystal clear reflection of the range in the water and the Simplicity of its symmetry leaves me wanting more.  The light on the peaks is warm and inviting, and the valley in the middle reminds me of one’s smile, which in turn, makes me smile.  I hope that it makes you smile too.  Wishing you a simply beautiful day!

(Thanks to my husband for sharing this flicker of beauty…feel free to click on his name to check out his photography website set up purely for enjoyment purposes, if you are so inspired.)



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