Sand Through Our Toes

Hapuna Beach, Kona  HI

There are many things Pure in this world upon reflection, but this moment in time spent on the beach stands out in my mind.  Perhaps because it was one of those few impromptu instances in middle-aged life of ‘feeling like a kid again’, as we ‘played’ in the sand with our feet while taking in the beautiful surroundings at Hapuna Beach.  Afterall, who can resist raking such fine granules of nature’s minerals between one’s toes, as its addictive and inviting texture makes you tingle from head to…well, you guessed it…toe?!  While neither my husband or I are big beach-goers or sun-worshippers, we do like to partake in both every now and again.

Looking at this image again takes me right back to the gorgeous warm, sunny day in Kona when we decided to hop in our mid-sized rental car one morning and head up the Kohala coast with nothing to worry about except for the long stretch of highway ahead and the fields of lava rock all around us (along with the occasional ‘Donkey Crossing’ sign).  How often in daily life do we get to say a phrase like, “With nothing to worry about…”?  Not often enough, in my opinion.  Nor do we usually have the chance to ‘just pick up and go’ when the mood strikes.  Or, do we?  Although I see the irony in saying so, sometimes the opportunity to ‘indulge in the moment’ requires careful planning and/or saving–but it’s sure to be worth every penny!  To me, this day spent in Hawaii is an idyllic example of this Week’s Photo-Challenge:  Pure.  Pure joy amongst the purity of nature.




29 thoughts on “Sand Through Our Toes

  1. Sue, everyone needs a vacation where they don’t have every minute planned and where they can enjoy the completely free time, choosing to do “nothing” or whatever they like. At home, there are always things crying to be done, even when you take time off. But on vacation, at least the kind I like, once the simple things are done, it’s all my choice and I can simply relax and refresh.


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    1. Nice! I’m with you….our vacations are very much non-planned once we arrive. We are not ‘itinerary’ type people, by any means. Even out in the country where we live, on a day-to-day basis, we try to squeeze in moments to take in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, if nothing else. Does a soul good to take in those pure moments.

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    1. We’ve been fortunate through our travels to find beaches well-kept, but I understand what you are saying. Certainly, it’s a shame when others do not respect our environment and others’ enjoyment of nature as it’s meant to be.

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      1. I live in Corpus and worked on our beach for a summer. It is amazing the amount of trash and junk you will find out there. From Televisions to mattresses, I cannot even imagine all the trash that is filling our ocean. Your picture inspired me for my photo challenge entry, so thank you for that!


    1. I agree! Can’t wait to do it again. We strive to fit in those moments in daily life whenever we can, as well. May your day be “worry-free”, as you indulge in whatever moments you can:-)


  2. The simplicity of the pic really calls out to me. The thought behind the photo is something which I connected to. In our day to day lives it is very difficult to have moments when we have nothing to worry about. This is all the more reason to treasure every single moment of little joy spent with friend family or just with our own self.


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  6. Been to Hawaii twice and loved it each time. You are right in that sometimes doing something wild does require a bit of planning but the rewards are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


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