The Serenity of the Mountains

Although it’s Easter Sunday, it sure doesn’t feel like it. For one thing, we aren’t celebrating with family. Secondly, the weather is less than spring-like around our parts. Maybe the fact that it’s later this year also plays into it somehow. Regardless, the only reason we know it’s Easter is because of the wishes sent by others, a few chocolate treats, and the knowledge that it is an extra long weekend.

We were supposed to be headed to the United States for a warm weekend getaway, but with COVID still looming around us, we have once again pushed back the date. Something about it just didn’t feel right to us and so the next best thing was a trip to the mountains. Not exactly a hot destination, but certainly a picturesque one. Most importantly, it is a much needed getaway from our usual four walls.

What’s different about this trip to the mountains is that we aren’t pulling our trailer behind us in anticipation of a few nights camping amongst grand pine trees and chirping chipmunks. Instead, this time it is just a hotel stay. Nonetheless, the time away has been much appreciated. In addition to the perks of an in-room fireplace and kitchenette, its most striking feature is the view of the snow-capped peaks against the back drop of a vibrant blue sky—for at least the first half of our days anyway. Such a pretty contrast in colour and so captivating.

Regardless of how many times we’ve each visited the area, there is something special about these billion year old rocks that protrude so majestically from the earth. Each has a name and clearly, its own character. I only wish they could speak! I’d like to have done more walking/hiking, but many of the paths are still ice-covered and I’m not well-equipped to handle them. Even with spikes on, the inclines and declines would be iffy at best. At least, we managed some walking around town. We’ve also taken in some very serene drives spotting various wildlife along the way.

One of our routes this morning was down an old highway. The sun was shining and the road took us right through some beautiful forested areas. Unlike the main thoroughfares, we hardly came upon a car either coming or going. When we stopped to check out a local monument, the only sounds around were those of the birds’s songs echoing amongst the humongous pines. You couldn’t help but feel at peace in such a serene setting ‘away from it all’. A chance to truly unplug, if you will.

It’s always so sad when these kind of trips come and go, but like everything else, they do come to an end. With all that is going on in the world, however, we know just how fortunate we are to even have had the opportunity to travel to begin with. How lucky we are indeed; hence, our moments here have not been taken for granted by either of us. Another memory and another keepsake made. May you find something to cherish in whatever it is that you are doing this weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not.


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