You Are…

A plumeria flower taken on one of our Maui vacations.

You are the center of my world,

The apples in my pie,

A super duper guy!

You are the smile in my sleep,

The Hawaiian in my coffee,

As sweet as dark toffee!

You are the diamond in my ring,

The cheddar on my pizza,

A one-of-a-kind Mona Lisa!

You are the touch on my screen,

The cinnamon on my toast,

A treasure worth the boast!

You are the sunshine in my day,

The banana in my smoothie,

A real cutie patootie!

You are the giggle in my laugh,

The dessert of my meal,

A 100% genuine deal!

You are the plumeria in my bouquet,

The sour cream on my perogies,

A fellow and dear old fogey!

You are the reason in my why,

The Kit in my Kat,

As signature as a top hat!


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