Calling Hawaii Home?

On our last day here in Maui, we contemplate just what it is exactly about Hawaii that draws us in so closely each and every time that we come to visit.  I mean, obviously the islands have an allure that most people adore, and I, personally, have not ever heard anyone complain about their stay, other than it being expensive.  For my husband and I though, there is a Visceral reaction to this place that we cannot deny–for both of us.  And, it happens from the moment we step off of the plane.  It just feels like home and that’s all there is to it.

The interesting thing is that when we visit with locals or read the newspaper, we always find and/or hear about people like us who have come to vacation and end up staying because it speaks to them also in a way that is hard to describe.  In a post last week, I wrote a prime example about a lady (one of the condo management’s employees) who left behind her grown kids and grandkids to restart life here after a not-so-great year on the mainland.  Picking up and leaving your known entities (usually job, family and security) from anywhere to give it a go in a completely foreign environment is always a courageous move for anyone.  Yet, it seems as though a LOT of people living in Hawaii have done exactly that.  Sure, there are those who were born and raised here, but a great many people who call the South Pacific Isles home seem to have uprooted themselves from afar to live their lives amongst a culture built largely on the traditional beliefs and ways of the Polynesian people.

Aside from the people and beauty of the natural environment, there is certainly an island feel that cannot be denied whether you are lying on the beach, driving along the highway, or shopping at one of the stores.  There is generally speaking a different mentality than you would find back home (Canada) and we find it much less hectic and way more relaxing, even as we observe those around us–both visitors and locals alike.  The question is, do we feel the way we do in part because we are on vacation and free to do as we please, without jobs to go to, chores to do or daily life to impede upon our enjoyment?  Probably somewhat, but I guess we wouldn’t ever really know the answer to that unless we actually made a move to live here.  If others that we have met are any indication, I’ve yet to hear of anyone being dissatisfied and moving back ‘home’ after uprooting themselves, especially those folks having moved from cold, snowy climates such as ours.  Of course, some people are in their retirement years and this is where they have chosen to live out their days, so everyday life looks a little different for them to start with, but what about everyone else?  It seems to us that they are pretty darn happy with their decision to call the Hawaiian islands home, retired or not:-).

As Canadians looking to move here, we would have the added complication of trying to get green cards and we’ve heard that it is quite the process, but like anything, it can be done if you put your mind to it.  Over time, we have certainly thought more and more about what life would be like and thus far, we are thinking that calling Hawaii home would be pretty cool, even if only for a few months out of the year as snowbirds.  If nothing else, there is certainly the dream of it some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, and we happen to think that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of dreaming, especially in a place as dreamy as this.  And, just as with our condo lady who used a coral heart on her beach walk as ‘the sign’ that she was meant to restart her life in Maui, we will use the Gemini tour boat that crosses our path daily as a good sign, since it just so happens that we are both Geminis:-).

Ask.  Believe.  Ye Shall Receive.




11 thoughts on “Calling Hawaii Home?

  1. ‘The question is, do we feel the way we do in part because we are on vacation and free to do as we please, without jobs to go to, chores to do or daily life to impede upon our enjoyment?’

    I think this is a large part of it. My wife and I had the same feeling about our time in Hawaii – it was simply paradise for us, and only the fact that it is part of the USA and the attendant complications of finding work, insurance,healthcare etc. have stopped us.

    But also the nagging fear that to live there would inject a dose of reality – traffic in Honolulu, social problems becoming visible daily, being grumpy and tired and then feeling guilty that you aren’t enjoying it enough. Paranoid or negative thoughts to be certain, but sometimes the fantasy experience has a value that can stand alone. Hawaii is incredible – truly amazing and I yearn to go back. And that in itself might be all that I need in my relationship with it.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure what our destiny is with here quite yet, but I’m certainly happy to entertain the thought. Hopefully, you get a chance to visit again soon! Aloha & Mahalo:-).

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  2. roseelaineblog

    I followed the advice from a book that said if you write down what you want and the reasons for it and how it will benefit others asking the universe, explaining in detail the universe will provide….. I did it for our recent purchase of a static caravan which was the right price (not too expensive) the right size, a four berth, close to my eldest daughter and her family!

    It worked for me Sue x

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    1. Hey, your comments are up & running…nice!

      We have a vision board front & centre in our livingroom, but perhaps we need to have it as a more detailed, written out vision.

      I, like you, believe that the Universe will provide.

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      1. roseelaineblog

        I wrote every little detail with dates for it to happen! Then we found it early and things started slowing down and I realised I had to change the date and I did….. then it happened. I believe that there has to benefit to others for your rewards. I wrote about how I could help daughter, how John could put his family there when they came from 450 miles away and it would not cost them anything…… don’t get me wrong Sue it has stretched us financially for a while it has not been a gift but a way forward to which I thank the universe…. apparently there is power in the written word 😉❤️

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  3. Until I read this post, I was unaware that you too are Canadian. How cool is that? I’ve never had an opportunity to travel other than to the closest states and of course provincially, but I honestly believe if it’s meant to be, it will happen. How wonderful to have a place you can be that brings peace joy and happiness. 🙂

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