Let Me Take You On a Journey…


Let me take you on a Journey that’s indeed one of a kind.  Made just for you.  Guaranteed.

It’s full of everything imaginable and even those things not.  You don’t have to travel far, unless of course you want to.  It won’t cost a lot of money by comparison of its returns.  There will be some long, windy roads, some mountains and valleys, as well as some wide open spaces ready for the taking.  You are welcome to choose others to join in with you, which I strongly encourage, or you can travel it alone or…both.  The choice will be up to you.  Always.  You will always have a choice in everything.  Even when it doesn’t seem like it.  The skies overhead will vary, along with the weather, but the view will be spectacular.  Pack light.  You will not need a lot of ‘stuff’.  The lessons that you will learn along the way will be invaluable, of that I know for sure.  Just be sure to stop and smell the roses.  Always stop and smell the roses.  There will be countless sunrises and sunsets.  Take notice of them, as they will of you.  The best part about this journey is that you will have a chance to discover your passion.  Find it, explore it, make it part of your everyday experience.  If, along the way, you don’t like something, change it.  The power of change is within you.  Always.  Should you get tired, take a rest or ask others for support.  It’s not a sign of weakness.  Notice the sights, sounds and smells around you.  Which ones do you like?  Which ones do you dislike?  Follow your intuition.  It is there for a purpose and it will serve you well.  Obstacles?  Move them or go around them.  Don’t turn away.  Never turn away.  Find a window or door that closes behind you, or worse yet, in front of you?  Search for a new one, look around the corner or even better, create one.  Remember that you are a builder, you have the tools, you are a dreamer, you can make it happen.  Did you know that?   If not, you do now:-).  So, what about the final destination?  The good news is that that one is up to you too.  Maybe it won’t even matter.  Maybe you will just want to continue on.  I hope you do.

Let me take you on a Journey that’s indeed one of a kind. Made just for you. Guaranteed:-)


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