July 4th Weekend on the Big Island (Turtle Sighting Within:-)

Our Island view while landing yesterday


Well…how appropriate that WordPress.com should choose the word Island for today’s word prompt, when in fact, we just happen to be on one!  Kona-The Big Island, that is.  Good choice of topics on their part and good choice on our part to be here again, I’d say:-)

In this very instance in which I sit here leisurely typing out this entry on our lanai, there is a green sea turtle whom we have since named Timmy, who is hanging out and feeding in the bay just next to our oceanfront condo (rented, not owned unfortunately).   How remarkable is that?!  I mean, how many people in today’s challenge can say that they were writing out their posts while watching a well-sought after sea creature lulling about.  Better for me is the fact that I do not snorkel much less swim, so bearing witness to such a sighting first-hand is truly incredible.  With a quick bit of google research out of interest’s sake, we have since learned that spotting a turtle is supposed to bring luck and longevity, so I am certainly not going to argue with that.  Plus, what a way to spend some idle holiday time, aside from watching and listening to the waves crash against the lava rocks beneath us.  Thankfully, the waves are nowhere near as big in the winter, so the noise is a lot less deafening; not that crashing waves are a bad sound by any means, just extremely loud when you are right on top of them.  Either way, the waves are always a welcome sound to us, especially now that we have had some sleep and a cleansing shower after our long flight in.  And, the turtle sighting?  Well, that is just an added bonus that was hoped for, but not expected.  Don’t ya just love moments like that in life?!  Ones to relish for sure, which is why we are here.

Timmy, our beloved green sea turtle, next to the jutted out rocks:-)

So day one of this trip and we have already managed to create new some memories, along with some ol’ faithful traditions which we have come to love on The Big Island. The first being our morning Kona coffee enjoyed while having the ocean seemingly at our fingertips with all kinds of happenings on its blue vastness to partake in from near, yet afar–kayakers, paddle boarders, jet skiers, whale watching tours, parasailers, snorkelers, and of course, fisherman!  Let me digress on the last one for a minute.

As we sat on our lanai enjoying our coffee and purple Taro sweet rolls (ah, to die for!  I wish I could pass one through the screen for you to try-well, if you are not gluten intolerant anyway), I couldn’t help but be intrigued by a local who had wandered barefoot onto the black, sharp lava rocks with his long fishing rod in tow.


He spent a good couple of hours there patiently catching and releasing the odd fish in between untangling and retying his line, which seemed to get caught up in amongst the jagged edges.  Now, no offence taken, but most North Americans (including ourselves) would likely have resorted to some choice four letter words and left the vicinity around the third or fourth time that our lines would have snapped, but not him.  Clearly, he is an islander on island time, and now, we are too!  I think the whole notion of island time is what has sold us on this destination ‘time and time again’.  From the minute you get off of the airplane, there is a laid-back feel to the whole place, including its culture and people.  I envy that very much!  While I try, and have even made some serious lifestyle changes to slow down life’s busy pace (i.e. part-time work, more holidays like this, etc.), it’s not the same as here.  Maybe we are just in lust for it, and it would wear off if we actually lived here, which we have seriously contemplated, though I’d like to think not.  Regardless, we will enjoy our short stay and the dream of it some day.

(While you can’t hear me, I am laughing out loud right now because Timmy, our new-found turtle friend just mooned us.  Okay…so truthfully, he got pushed in shore now that the waves have picked up and he went “a** over tea kettle”, but we couldn’t help but think it was his way of saying ‘hi’, or at least of letting us know that he is still here, as we’d thought he’d gone back out to sea.  Hilarious.  Refreshing.  Soul turtle goodness!)

Getting back to our other routines and traditions that we have come to treasure in Kona, is our daily walk/drive amongst some of the local shops/restaurants.  Add to that, our stop at a nearby coffee shack to pick up our week’s worth of fresh morning java grounds.  Of course, napping and wandering down to a nearby watering hole always makes the list too, mostly for the yummy eats since drinking is not really our forte, though a good Longboard beer or cool Pina colada usually makes my list at some point along the way.  Add to that some picture-taking of the local flowers and sunsets, and it’s easily another day spent in paradise; though never taken for granted, I will say.  And, you can’t be on the Island without taking in an authentic luau, which we are planning to do near the end of our stay.  There’s just something about roasted pig and Mai-Tai’s that go nicely together.  (I think I forgot to mention Mai-Tai’s on my earlier list of drinks that I have to have at least one of while here.)  For those of you who have been to Hawaii, and for those who know my apparent affinity for shopping, you might also guess a million visits to all of the “ABC Stores” in the area is a must…you know, in case they have something different from the other 999 999 stores:-)  My husband knows that routine all too well, I’m afraid.  Luckily, he loves me enough that he usually tags along.  He is such a good man, if I do say so myself.

On that positive note, I would like to wish you and yours a sunny Aloha from The Big Island itself.






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