I Wonder Who YOU Are

Right this very moment, YOU are reading this and I find myself wondering who YOU are.  Who is it that has come to my blog to read MY thoughts and musings?  I am humbled each and every time I look at my stats and see a visitor, a view, a like or a comment.  I feel very much like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in the movie, “You’ve Got Mail“, image.jpegwherein each character cannot hide the euphoria that they feel when the inbox appears with another awaiting message from the other.  And, when I see a list of all of the countries that my visitors are from, I am truly in awe and wonderment, and the questions that I am left to ponder include everything from, ‘Is your blogging handle representative of your real name?  Where have your life experiences taken you?  What do you do for a living or are you a full-fledged writer who has the luxury of working from home (a dream of mine)?’ to, ‘What is daily life like for you?  What is your background, culturally/ethnically?  What languages do you speak, mother-tongue and otherwise?  Where specifically do you live–a quaint little apartment, a country-side home, a modern, hip condo?’…well, you get the point, as my list of queries is never-ending.  As a born life ponderer, imagine what a hayday this is for me as I contemplate all of these things.  Most of all, though, I feel very fortunate to be in your presence, so to speak, in this moment of time.   In looking at all of the wonderful, clearly experienced writers on here, I consider myself just a little fish in the big pond…still working on growing a few scales and fins at that, but doing my best to learn how to swim, which, for a non-swimmer in real life, is certainly a step.  What I can tell you is that the personal sense of satisfaction that I get from writing and sharing in my experiences with YOU has been truly uplifting in ways that I did not even consider, and I find myself often resembling a kid in a candy store, excited at all of the possibilities, when I sit down to write.  Excited mostly about the chance to meet YOU.

When my husband first set me up on my blog a few months ago, I didn’t really have a clue about anything other than the fact that I knew that it would be a good chance for me to express myself through writing–something that I have always wanted to do.  During some vacation time at the end of March, I welcomed the opportunity to really sit down and begin putting my Pensive thoughts ‘out there’ for all to see.  As stated in my first post, my overall hope in blogging was simply to have something from my own life experience resonate with others, be it a smile over a non-sensical topic, a question about something I’ve said, or a chance to ponder how something might relate, even if in a small way.  It seems as though I have accomplished that, and for that I am grateful.  I mean, who wouldn’t feel good about possibly making a difference in someone’s day or giving someone pause for thought?!  After sharing my blog link and my new life endeavour with family and friends on a well-known social media site, I was literally tickled pink when I learned shortly thereafter that I had gained two followers.  ‘Two people who want to hear what I have to say?!  How cool is that?’  My goal was just one.  Since then, however, my poor husband has been inundated with hearing my daily updates and stats with respect to my ‘Jibber Jabber’ site.  Luckily, he knows me well enough to know that it’s not a vanity thing, it’s just a happy thing.  Happy to know that my day’s thought or musing might have a positive impact on YOU–my longtime friend or family member or YOU–my newfound friend that I might not have otherwise met, if it weren’t for WordPress.com.  If only YOU knew how happy YOU have made me in return with your views and likes and comments…  It’s no wonder in this life that we, as human beings, were meant to connect in ways that other animals on this Earth cannot.  Meaningful, reciprocal relationships built on many things including words spoken, and unspoken.  Ah yes, the power of words as the old adage about, “Sticks and stones” comes to mind.  Thankfully, since the year 1862 when that all-too-familiar saying reportedly first showed up in The Christian Recorder, we recognize that words are in fact more powerful than was first thought, or at least just as powerful as actions.  In my case, the desire for words isn’t obviously to be hurtful, as went the childhood saying about sticks, but rather to be helpful… maybe, maybe even healing.

So, this post from yesterday’s daily word prompt challenge is dedicated to YOU–the person reading this from near or far who is either familiar or unfamiliar to me, as I sit in my comfortable tan, faux-suede reclining chair typing out this very message.  Today, it is a message of thanks.  Thanks for being a part of my day and for allowing me the opportunity to share in yours, whilst enjoying two things that I love to do….write and be pensive.  Over the coming days, weeks and months, I will continue to wonder who YOU are, what life circumstance brought YOU here and where YOU are going. I look forward to our next encounter, wherein I might discover a little bit more about you, should I be so lucky to have our paths meet again.  If not, I wish you well in your journey, whatever that may be, and if, in the distant or not so distant future, you decide to visit me again for whatever reason, feel free to picture me, Sue–the blonde-haired daily thought and muser–relaxing in my Lazy-Boy recliner, iPad in lap, trying my darnedest to picture YOU on the other side of this screen.





6 thoughts on “I Wonder Who YOU Are

  1. Similar thoughts. When I first started blogging – a mere two or three weeks ago – it felt so wonderful to share my writing, get feedback and read so many interesting essays and thoughts from others from all over the world. I made a commitment that I would comment on the blogs I followed regularly and post two or three times a week. I had no idea how difficult that would be. I think about my blogging friends and things I want to write constantly. You encourage me to stick with it. thanks


    1. I am constantly amazed at who reads what, which posts garner attention, etc. And, it is neat to visit others’ sites to see what’s on their minds. I have really found the daily post challenges to be very helpful in expanding my writing horizons, and I, like you, sometimes cannot seem to ‘shut off’ the ideas. At the end of the day, I think it’s about being authentic and hoping that others might find something that resonates with them. That is one of the things that I really enjoy about your posts–their authentic nature.

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      1. Right back atcha. Thank you for responding. I love the daily prompts and am going to challenge myself to a response of 50-100 words. I want to clean up my writing, basically de-clutter. I look forward to reading your posts.


      2. You inspired me to change my blog theme…I really liked the idea of having a side-bar like you have. That really cleans things up. One thing that has helped me condense my blog space is the ‘continue reading’ button–the one with two lines & a dotted line in between. Have a great night!


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