To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

I’m at a quandary. Part of me wants to decorate for Christmas like we’ve never decorated before since there isn’t much else to look forward to in the upcoming holidays. Yet, there is another part of me that just wants to keep it basic. After all, no one else will be in our house except …

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Favourites? Oh, Do Tell.

If you celebrate Christmas, my guess is that you have a few favourites/traditions from times past that you look forward to partaking in each season. Naturally, some things will have to look different this year given the pandemic, but I’m going to focus our efforts on those things that still can be enjoyed. Ready to …

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Maple Leaves

There's nothing Pedestrian at all about this shot, in my opinion. While some may view this pile of leaves as just another fall clean-up chore, they are nothing of the sort.   In colour and kind, these maple-shaped wonders are representive of the great country that I call home.  Cheers, Canada!

Mystical Time of the Year

Isn't there something Mystical about this time of the year?  Perhaps, it is because of traditions passed along and stories told, but at Christmas for those of us who celebrate, it seems that everything that would otherwise appear average everyday becomes simply extraordinary.  Trees, cookies, lights, deer, plump guys with white beards--all magically connotated and adored as the …

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The Great Christmas Tree Debate

With snow on the ground and temperatures hovering around zero for the past couple of weeks now, the topic of Christmas trees is not necessarily untimely around these parts.  Once Halloween comes and goes, which it soon will, it will be full-blown Christmas season--music, decorations, baking, gift buying, Lifetime Channel movies--you name it.  I mean, …

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