Tethered and True

Are you Tethered to old habits or a usual way of doing things?  I would venture to say that most of us have certain routines that we covet, especially on work/school days.  That predictable sense of doing often provides comfort and likely helps us to keep our infamous 'to-do' lists in check.  If we go …

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Lobsters in the Desert?

Okay, so maybe not so likely since lobsters seem to prefer ocean floors, but this morning, I came across a very interesting video clip about lobsters of all things that I wanted to share as I like the analogy given; hence, the title is my lame attempt at connecting it to the word, Arid.  For …

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Narrow Palm Tree

Another day in paradise for this Narrow, palm tree set next to the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I can picture myself there again in a heartbeat.  Meanwhile, I will enjoy the memories of it and the magnificent view, as I hope you do. May your coming week be extra warm and sunny:-).