Such is Our Life Now

Staying home, social distancing, disinfecting? As best we can! Anxious, scared, panicky? Understandable. Uprooted, bored, stuck? Most likely. Disconnected, too connected, in limbo? Simultaneously. Wondering, waiting, wondering? Yah, I hear you. Planning, saving, anticipating? Maybe. Cleaning, cooking, organizing? Always. Learning, discovering, rediscovering? Thinking so. Playing, creating, inventing? Hopefully. Reaching out, praying, helping. When possible. Loving, …

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Death is Real, Even on Mother’s Day

At the Core of it, death is a funny thing....not literally obviously, but it is one of those controversial topics with respect to what happens leading up to, during and after the passing of an individual.  Religion aside, it is hard to argue that the subject of death can leave one feeling mortal, without control and often …

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The Power Within (Or A Good Ol’ Fashioned Kick in the Pants)

Was there a Specific turning point in your life?  Or more likely, when was it or better yet, when were they?  Probably like many of you, I can think of a few things that have happened that have changed the course of life for me.  Not surprisingly, they were as a result of choices that I'd made …

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