A Pinhole of Light

Living with chronic pain changes you. It changes you to your core. In my case, I’d been living with it for years before surgery with it worsening just prior to and since. At first, the bouts of pain caught me off guard and I tried to shrug it off—just a passing thing, I thought. It …

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Such is Our Life Now

Staying home, social distancing, disinfecting? As best we can! Anxious, scared, panicky? Understandable. Uprooted, bored, stuck? Most likely. Disconnected, too connected, in limbo? Simultaneously. Wondering, waiting, wondering? Yah, I hear you. Planning, saving, anticipating? Maybe. Cleaning, cooking, organizing? Always. Learning, discovering, rediscovering? Thinking so. Playing, creating, inventing? Hopefully. Reaching out, praying, helping. When possible. Loving, …

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